We’ll be interrupting your regularly scheduled vendor series broadcast, to wish our own Shanna Boger a very happy birthday! As an event planning company, we recognize the importance of celebrating life’s special moments, which is why we’ll be spending this Halloween celebrating Shanna, and giving you more information on the woman who makes all these events possible!

Blow Out the Jack-O-Lanterns

It’s impossible not to celebrate Shanna’s birthday, when it’s already a holiday, but as 2020 has brought many unforeseen circumstances, Shanna will be celebrating a little bit differently this year. Shanna is so excited to spend her birthday surrounded by her family, including her parents, who she hasn’t seen since March. To be able to hug and kiss her family is the best present she could ever ask for, but the catered Mi Cocina Mexican Food being delivered certainly doesn’t hurt, as Mexican food is her favorite. 

Celebrating birthdays is a great reminder that we are only granted one life to live, which is exactly why Shanna loves celebrating them. “Life is too short not to celebrate! I believe everyone should celebrate their birthday and be treated like royalty! It’s your day! CELEBRATE! Live life to the fullest!” If Shanna’s enthusiasm doesn’t rub off on you, then I don’t know what will. 2020 has brought so many challenges, that birthdays give us the time to take a step back and celebrate the life we’ve been given, no matter how chaotic that life may seem right now. 

We couldn’t celebrate Shanna without asking what her favorite birthday memory was. Seeing as her birthday is on Halloween, it’s hard to imagine any birthday being anything less than a blast. She sorted through all the spooky fun and decided it was her birthday in 2012 that she enjoyed the most. The day was filled with a birthday photoshoot, a spa day, and ended with a private birthday dinner with her husband and close friends. “That day is special to me because that is when I realized that I’m a woman of many talents and I learned to truly love ME!”

Say Hello to a New Year

As birthdays bring us a year older, it’s nice to spend that time reflecting on both your past year and the future that lies ahead. That’s exactly how Shanna utilizes her birthday, and as it’s close to the end of the year, it gives her time to reflect on what she wants the next year to look like. Shanna’s birthday reminds her to keep pursuing her dreams and goals because she is reminded that God has granted her another year to fulfill her purpose. 

As an accountant, this time of year is filled with budgets and goal setting for Shanna. She’s taking the time at the end of this crazy year to work on her goals for her business, as well as planning some new ventures. It’s her goal for 2021 to increase her revenue by 50% and expand her already growing team. The challenges brought on by 2020 has shifted Shanna’s business, for the best. This year has forced Shanna out of her comfort zone, it pushed her to launch her business coaching program and hire staff to implement sound procedures into her business. Her main priority: focus on her ideal client and creating a luxurious experience for them. Meaning that in 2021 her focus will be to remain true to her purpose and grow the PRP brand! 

Follow Shanna’s lead and make sure to take this time of year to focus on YOU! 2021 will be a whole new year to take advantage of, so get inspired and get excited. Whether it’s a birthday or just celebrating the holidays, celebrating the life we’ve been given should always take priority!