Why Use Stationery?

When people think about weddings, they often remember the beautiful and exciting invitations they receive by mail. Invitations are only the start to creating a memorable experience for family and friends. Using stationery is a great way of helping your guests get excited for your wedding. Wedding stationery has several different purposes that all contribute to your big day. Let’s dive into a few reasons why using stationery for your wedding is so important!

Stationery Sets the Tone and Creates Excitement for the Wedding

Nothing is more exciting than receiving a wedding invitation in the mail because you know it’s something fun to look forward to. Going the extra mile to purchase some fancy stationery for your guests is a great way of letting them feel welcomed. Whether the stationery is over-the-top or simplistic, it is a perfect way of preparing your guests for the wedding months (or even longer) in advance. Great stationery can also set the tone of your wedding by representing part of your wedding theme on the invitations. You can use this as a way to hint at what people can expect before the outline invitations and RSVP’s get mailed out! Overall, stationery sets the tone for what guests should expect at the wedding and it also shows that you’re organized in planning the event itself.

In addition to setting the tone for the wedding, stationery creates excitement- particularly, if your wedding is a destination wedding or a non-traditional ceremony. You may use some stationery cards to outline what activities and events your guests can expect at your wedding. Not only does this show organization, but your guests will be able to purchase any extra clothes or materials needed for your special day. For example, a beach wedding might require people to wear matching Hawaiian shirts for a group photo. In general, you will likely need a timeline of when and what events you should send invitations for. Consider hiring a stationery planner to help with exact numbers and creating the perfect invitations that match your wedding’s theme.

Stationery Helps Reflect the Couple

Of course, a wedding is all about the bride and groom’s celebration of love and your stationery can certainly help reflect this! Embellishments like gold foil or texture on invitations will make your wedding invitations stand out and represent the formality of the ceremony. Other embellishments such as high quality stickers or ribbon can be included on envelopes to really seal the deal. Stationery should reflect the upcoming theme of your wedding, but additional details can represent the couple’s love for one another.

Stationery Becomes a Tangible Keepsake for Guests

Stationery is also a tangible keepsake for your guests to cherish for years, whether it’s hanging a wedding invitation on your fridge or keeping it in a special memory folder. Wedding experiences are fun but they also pass quickly. It is a great idea to cherish the photos and invitations as a visual to remember such a fun time with loved ones and friends. Years later, your guests might comes across your amazing themed invitations and remember the experiences they’ve shared with you.

Remember that stationery planning can be a tough decision and you may need help with choosing the perfect style for your unique needs. Try consulting with a stationery specialist or asking your current wedding planner to help you out with planning the perfect tangible keepsakes!