You’re relieved to know that you’re finally getting somewhere with your wedding planning, and things are going smoothly. You have your theme, decor ideas, and venue all set, but in that process, you forget about the most important thing. Your makeup. There are many other things on your mind that you forget to think about what you’re going to look like on the most important day of your life. Your makeup should stand out, and enhance your natural beauty. Generally, there are three different types of makeup looks: natural, soft glam, and dramatic. Each style incorporates different cosmetic styles, so let’s find the perfect bridal makeup for you. 

The Natural Look

With this look, less is more. It’s simple, yet, it makes a statement. This makeup look is perfect if you don’t like to wear a lot of makeup, or if you want a natural look for your wedding day. This type of look goes with anything and looks beautiful with everything. Natural makeup has a special touch of blush that brings the look together. It creates an effortlessly romantic feel with your overall look. Typically, this kind of makeup involves very minimal products used on the face. The eyelids may have a solid, nude-colored, eyeshadow, coupled with a thin winged liner and mascara. The eyebrows are groomed and maybe lightly filled in to give them a clean look. Lastly, the lips have a light-colored gloss on them. Some natural looks use lipstick which is normally a light of a soft color that is barely visible. As far as highlighting and contouring, it is very minimal, but it still shapes your face. So, if this sounds like you, the natural makeup look is perfect for you.

Natural bridal makeup

The Soft Glam Look

Soft glam is an increasingly popular makeup look that has become the go-to for many different occasions, especially weddings. Soft glam gives the beauty of a natural look while adding a little edge of glamorized beauty. For starters, this makeup look is a full-face look meaning every makeup product is used on the face. Typically, a soft glam look consists of 2-3 eyeshadow colors on the eyelids that are soft colors ( pinks and browns). In addition, the liner is thicker and includes false eyelashes. The lashes are usually medium in length and medium in thickness. They make the eyes pop more than a natural look would. The highlight and contour used for this look contrast more to add a structured look to the face. The commonly used lip product for soft glam makeup is nude or pink lipgloss. Sometimes colored lipgloss is used. However, some soft glam looks use lipstick, but it’s very rare. If this makeup look sounds like something that you want for your wedding, then pick soft glam as your bridal makeup.

Soft glam bridal makeup

The Dramatic Look

Last but not least, we have the dramatic makeup look. This is the perfect occasion where you can save the drama for your wedding. This one is a little more fun to have for your bridal makeup because of the creativity that goes into it. There are so many colors and combinations that you can work with. Similar to soft glam, dramatic makeup is full-face makeup. The eyeshadow can be a mixture of different colors that blend well together. So, if you want to step outside of the box and play with some blue or purple eyeshadow for your wedding, you may want to consider wearing a dramatic makeup look. Remember, it’s all about execution. As long as the color makes sense and matches your wedding theme, then go for it. The fun part about this look is that you can even add glitter! There is a tasteful way to incorporate this into your eyeshadow, so don’t be too scared to mention it to your makeup artist. The eyeliner is usually winged and elongated to give the eyes some drama. This is best paired with false lashes that are longer and thicker than the lashes used for soft glam.  The eyebrows in this look are very defined and shaped to perfection. Highlighting and contouring are major parts of a dramatic makeup look. They are the elements that bring the look together and make it stand out. Besides the normal highlighting and contouring technique, it also includes the lips. Dramatic makeup can contour the lips to make them appear fuller or even plumper. This helps your bold red lip look puckered to perfection. With that being said, if this is the direction that you want to go in for your bridal makeup, then this is the look for you.

Dramatic bridal makeup

Things to Remember About Your Bridal Makeup

After looking into the different approaches to wedding makeup, hopefully, you’ve narrowed your decision down to the perfect look. When picking the right look there are two main things to consider. One, does it match the theme of your wedding, and two, is it a reflection of your personal style? These two takeaways will help guide you to make the best decision. Remember, your wedding day is your special day, so choose the look that best fits your bridal style.