Are you newly engaged or had to push your wedding date back because of COVID-19?  I know this is suppose to be one of the happiest time of your life where you can  go dress shopping, cake tasting and visiting venues, but why not use this time to work on your wedding planning?  I you you are wonder how can I possible working on planning my wedding when we are under a quarantine!  I have a few tips that you can work from the safety of your home.  Why not use this time to plan your dream wedding.  To be honest this is a perfect time to plan your wedding in peace and quiet and not feel rushed to make a decision.

Be realistic about your wedding date

If you have not picked your wedding date yet, I would advise you chose a date in 2021.  We are not sure when then the quarantine is going to end and we can go back to having large events. Many couples who had spring and summer 2020 wedding planned are looking for fall 2020 dates.  Also some vendors are not taking on new 2020 weddings because they are leaving room in their schedule for their current clients who has to postpone or will postpone their wedding due to COVID-19.  If your heart is set on getting married in 2020, I would suggest a late 2020 winter wedding.

Determine what is most important to you and your fiance

Now is the time to write down all the things that are most important to you and your fiancé.  I would suggest you and your fiancé sit together and both of you come with a list of items that are important to the both of you to have in your wedding.  Compare the two list and narrow down items to include in your wedding ceremony and reception.  Also don’t forget about your pre-ceremony items like engagement photos, engagement parties, bridal showers and bachelor parties.

Create a vision board for your wedding

If you’re newly engaged or at the very beginning of the planning process start by creating a vision board of what you’d like your day to look like. You can create an inspirational Pinterest boards.  If you need some inspiration, just click the link and check out our Pinterest Boards.

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Think about what you want to invest into your wedding

Now is the time to think about how much you would like to invest in your wedding.  Because you do know that weddings are investments.  This is once in a lifetime opportunity and I know you want this day to be one everyone will remember.  So start research vendor’s websites, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Figure what vendors has the look and style that matches your vision for your wedding.  You can also book complementary phone and video call with vendor to get a better understanding of their business.

Start your guest list

Now this will be great to due while binge watching.  Start your guest list.  Think about who you want at your wedding.  Also start gathering addresses. Postable is a great free online tool to gather address.  Here is a link to Postable.

Write your vows

Personal vows are so special and make your wedding ceremony even more personal. It also allows you the chance to sit down and think about what you love about your (almost) spouse and why you want to share your life with them. Writing your own vows can feel intimidating (it’s really not, though) so set aside an hour to just write out ideas without putting any pressure on yourself. Come back to them the next day to re-write in a way that sounds right to you and, again, don’t overthink it. Just allow yourself the space to feel and share your heart.

Create your wedding playlist

This is an area I find some of my couples struggle with.  So now is the perfect time the songs for your ceremony, your first dance, garter toss, ect.  You have some free time, so go through your playlist and start imaging your wedding day and what you would like played.  Keep in mind your DJ and MUSIC will make your wedding the one everyone will be talking about years later.

Most of Stay Safe and Take Care of Yourself!

I hope these tips helped ease your wedding planning minds. Now if you’re really ready to plan your wedding then make sure to check out my Complete Wedding Planning Checklist. It’s totally free and you can grab it HERE!  Also take a look inside of PRP Luxury Group.  Enjoy and happy planning!


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We are here to help you if you need help during your planning process, feel free to schedule a complimentary call with us.