You recently got engaged and you are excited to start planning your wedding.  But you don’t know where to start. Are you feeling overwhelmed?  Do you need some help?  Not sure if you should hire us to plan your wedding? Many soon-to-be brides have varied thoughts on wedding planning. Some started planning their dream wedding when they were young. Others are deer in headlights and simply want to be beautiful, show up, say I do and then party. Some feel it is a no-brainer to hire a wedding planner and others question if hiring a wedding planner is worth the investment. Here are 5 great reasons to hire a wedding planner for your special day!

  1. We are your best friend during the planning process. Your fiance, friends and family do not want to hear about your wedding every day.  But a we loves to hear about your issues, fears, concerns and wishes for your big day.
  2. We are experts! We have planned so many more wedding than you.  We have experienced issues that you can’t even think of.
  3. We have contacts with the best vendors in the industry. They have been tested and tired.
  4. Think of us as your Wedding Day Director . Your are the star, your groom is the leading man, your guests are the extra’s and your crew are the suppliers. Add to this lights, camera and action and you have a fully produced wedding.
  5. And finally, we love weddings.

Let’s schedule a consultation and start planning your dream wedding.