Being newly engaged is always an exciting time in a happy couple’s relationship. Everything is perfect. Smiles are nonstop. Laughs are continuous. Touching is endless. Though when it comes to the designated day for expressing love, men and women alike get stuck with confusion on what they should do for their significant other on Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to celebrate the day. Put on your thinking cap and dig deep in what your partner truly enjoys. Whatever the happy couple does, the most important ingredient is to make sure there is romance in the air. If you’re stuck on ideas, here is a little jump start for your special day.


Create the Romantic Scene

A Valentine’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. The time a couple spends together is well worth the effort, whether big or small. You can create that one romantic scene you two have been talking about. A quaint picnic dinner on the beach, or by a lake near your home. A quiet moonlight setup at a remote location, or even in your backyard; moonlight, lit candles, lanterns or even a fire off in the distance, or maybe a nice little fire in your fireplace within your home. If you want to make your own dessert, a warm delectable s’more is a good choice while sitting next to a fire. Grab some marshmallows, yours or your partners favorite chocolate, and graham crackers. Nothing sparks romance like natural light. Pick your partners favorite food, and beverage. Maybe it’s prime rib with an excellent pairing of cabernet sauvignon, or as simple as an extra cheese pizza and a root beer soda. The romantic scene idea could come in many different ways. If you know your partner, you know what they will enjoy.




Painting with Love

A great way to mix things up a little with the romance is having a painting date night. What better way to express one another’s love with designing a lasting picture? The couple can create a do-it-yourself at-home painting session. If you have a keen eye for art, you can draw out a sketch on any size canvas, get some acrylic paint or watercolor paints, whichever suits your fancy and grab your partners favorite wine selection or beverage. If the couple can only create stick figures, that’s okay too. There is paint at home kits you can purchase. For example: Painting to Gogh offers date night paint kits for purchase. You can even plan a night at popular painting studios like Painting with a Twist. Nothing beats the power of love like spending this quality time together as a couple at home or with others in an art studio.


 Movie Night at Home

If you’re like many couples who rather stay in on Valentine’s Day, an at home movie night is the perfect way to celebrate together. Grab your favorite rom-coms or romantic movies and snuggle down with each other’s company. If you want to spice the evening up a little bit, grab some blankets or sheets and build a cozy fort for two. Pick out your favorite candies, popcorn and beverages and relax on a few comfy pillows. If you can’t think of any favorite movies, here is a list of a few romantic movies to watch:
1. The Notebook
2. The Lake House
3. La La Land
4. Always By My Maybe
5. When Harry Met Sally



If rom-coms are more your speed, try these favorites out:
1. The Proposal
2. Isn’t It Romantic?
3. Crazy; Stupid; Love.
4. Just Go with It
5. Leap Year

If you and your partner really want to spark the evening, you can’t go wrong with The Fifty Shades movie series. The ideas are endless when you and your partner are staying in for the night.

Soak in the Love

You can’t ever go wrong with a spa night. Your partner will enjoy the peaceful time to themselves or enjoy it together. Start with your partner’s favorite scent. Whether it may be candles, bath bombs, bubble bath or all of the above. Their favorite scent will relax them and make them feel truly at peace. There is nothing worse than the bright bathroom light to throw off the feeling, so make sure there are lots of candles safely around to really set the mood. Don’t get a bunch of different scented candles, that will throw off the night. Stick with one scent or get unscented candles. Get a bottle of champagne or wine; whatever is your partner’s favorite drink. Lay some flowers around or rose petals to set the romance. Put on sultry music or be simple and play spa music through your phone or Bluetooth speaker, if you have one. If you want to add some delicious fruit that pairs well with the champagne or wine, your partner will thank you; strawberries are the love fruit. Shut everything out and simply relax.


Cooked with Love

You or your partner might have to work in the morning after Valentine’s Day and celebrating in the evening just isn’t feasible, then a nice warm cooked breakfast is the next best option. Heart-shaped waffles, or heart-shaped pancakes are a very creative way to say I love you on Valentine’s Day. If your partner doesn’t enjoy either of those, maybe a bowl lined in heart shaped berries with their favorite yogurt in the middle will work. Pair the food with a delicious mimosa, or a nice hot cup of coffee to get their day going. If you don’t have a bed tray, try using a cookie sheet with a decorative lace or fabric laid down to keep the plates and cups from sliding around. Whatever you decide to cook for your partner, they won’t argue against a freshly made breakfast from the one they love the most.



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