Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

BBFW 2022

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week (BBFW) is an annual gala that occurs every fall. The luxury bridal event hosts over 500 guests and streams to thousands, displaying the upcoming bridal fashion trends and top designers. This year, 80 luxurious and unique designs by 20 designers made their debut – so without further ado, let’s discuss what popular and eye-catching bridal trends to be on the lookout for in 2022. 

Plunging V-Neckline

Low V Neck Bridal Gowns

Low V-Neckline Trend

The Plunging V was the neckline of choice for the Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Gala. Despite the designers very different styles and takes on the trend, it continuously made a sexy and modern statement. This neckline, though typically thought to be revealing, can be covered with mesh, lace, and other details that bring a new life to this trend. This trend is also flattering on many body types- if your chest is on the flatter side, it will create an illusion of being more full. If you’re on the larger side, it will help accentuate your chest (unlike a boxy neckline that may look a bit stuffed). Although we are referring to this neckline as a “trend,” it is also very classic, therefore it will always look timeless when looking back on photographs. Every bride should be trying on a plunging v-neck gown when shopping this upcoming year, you may be surprised how wearable it can truly be!

Extravagant Shoulder Details

Wedding gowns with shoulder details

Extravagant Shoulder Details Trend

If your dream wedding is whimsical & romantic, the extravagant shoulder detail trend is perfect for you. This trend makes a statement, and will make any bride look like absolute royalty. As photographed above, there were many takes on this idea- making it a very versatile trend and able to flatter many body types. This romantic trend is also great if you wanted a long-sleeve wedding gown for your fall/winter wedding, but did not want the traditional lace sleeves. The best part about this trend is the versatility of creating a custom gown- you can add sleeves or extra fabric to almost any bridal gown. If you are a fan of this trend, but have another gown in mind, this is something you can easily customize!

Coordinating Capes

wedding gowns with coordinating capes

Coordinating Cape Trend

Similar to the shoulder-detail trend, coordinating capes elevate bridal gown and allow for unique customization. Although it is quite popular in recent years to have two gowns- one for the ceremony and one for the reception- this trend can be a more affordable option: wearing the cape during the ceremony and revealing the entire gown for the reception. As photographed, this trend can also fit many themes. Whether you want to spice up a classic gown, add layers to a sexy sheath, or feel like a whimsical princess- this is a trend to try. 


colorful wedding gowns

Color Trend

Color has been a recurring bridal trend for years, however it keeps gaining popularity & different variations. Where in past years it has been blush pink & champagne that were acceptable and close to the norm colors, this year it is about pastels and shockingly- black. Although a black wedding dress is not for everyone, we included some takes on this trend that do require a double-take. Designers also used pastel purples, pinks & blues in unique textures to create gowns for the high-fashion bride. If you are a bride who wants to stand out & make a statement, we highly recommend considering a colored gown. 


asymmetric wedding gowns

Asymmetry Trend

The modern trend of asymmetry is the perfect way to add a contemporary edge to your bridal look. This trend is often worked into necklines, straps, and skirts. If you want to make a statement without committing to a colored gown, this is another high-fashion option. Of course, photographed are different interpretations of the trend, some being bigger fashion risks than others. These gowns also combine some of the other trends on this list, with the modern cut- including colored gowns and coordinating capes. No matter your bridal style, this trend is a way to modernize your look.


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