When running a business, advertising is everything. In 2021, social media has taken over the world of marketing & advertising, and many businesses are able to utilize these platforms to run advertisements. Although you can of course pay to run a recurring advertisement, there is also the aspect of free advertising as well. You can promote your business at no cost, but simply by posting about your product & services.

Tik-Tok, one of the newest & trendiest social media platforms, took the world by storm during the beginning of the pandemic, with now over 2.6 billion downloads and millions of daily users (in January of 2021 alone, the application had 62 million downloads!) This platform uses a unique algorithm that provides users with a “for you page”- rather than displaying content based on followers and likes. This algorithm allows users to have a more customized experience,
tailored to their interests or what Tik-Tok thinks they might be interested in.

Why is this an awesome tool for small businesses? Free advertising. Those who are interested in a product or service that your business offers, will be most likely to be the viewers of your uploaded content. For example, since PRP Luxury Group is a wedding & event planning service, the majority of people that our content would be interesting to would be those either planning an event or in a similar business.

PRP Luxury Group created a Tik-Tok account on a Thursday night, and by the following Monday, we had grown our following to nearly 3,000 people- completely organically! It can take people years to grow a following like this on other social media platforms. How did we do it? We had a video go viral. This was the video that went viral.

Finding out the secret to going viral is the tricky part- we’re still trying to figure out how we lucked out so fast! What about THIS video was different from the rest? What grabbed viewers’ attention so quickly? And more importantly- why were so many people tagging @Netflix! That’s right- people were so intrigued that they thought our video was a promotion for a Netflix reality show! Although we’re in awe about the response and love we received, we did take note about what worked so well with this video, and we’d love to share & help out other businesses with similar goals.

Quality Graphics

The video that went viral was filmed by a professional videographer. Having quality graphics may have been the key to convincing people this was a television show but in reality, we just have an amazing videographer (shout out Keith!). This grabs the viewer’s attention as well as draws them in, their eyes move along the screen & cannot help but continue
to watch! Since the majority of Tik-Tok videos are homemade and simple (15-60 second on average) this is a refreshing thing to see on your “for you page” or “FYP.”

A Face of the Brand

We had people commenting that they would trust Shanna with their LIFE, let alone a wedding. People seemed to really love having a fun, welcoming & genuine face behind the brand. It builds trust with viewers and lets them feel like the video is more than just a promotion or advertisement, but a business owner who loves her job. This also allows for further interaction with Shanna, and viewers know who to expect in future content.

Algorithm Tricks

Of course, as much as luck had to do with it, so did research. There are ways to work the algorithm in your favor.

Here are a few pointers to get you started & hopefully have a viral video!

Trending music: Even if your video already has sound, apply a trending song & set it to low or 0% volume. This will send your video out to more accounts.

Honest hashtags: Although you might be tempted to use trending hashtags, these will send your video out to many different accounts. Instead, use hashtags that are relevant to your video’s content. For example, if your video is about
luxury wedding planning, use #wedding planner #weddingplanning #luxurylife, etc.

Interact: Once your video starts getting comments, interact with them! Not only does this help show the algorithm that you’re active, but it also boosts your video. Replying to your already boosted video with video replies also guarantees an audience for future content.

Tik-Tok has been a wonderful platform in the short time we have been on it, we’ve connected with so many wonderful people and have grown an audience we are so thankful for (and have booked a few events as well!) We encourage you to try using Tik-Tok for your business- and let us know how it goes!  Also, check us out on Tik-Tok @prpluxurygroup.