I have had client contact me and ask me, “Are you florist” and my response is, “No, I’m an event designer.” They ask, “What is the difference?” So I decide to write this blog to give my views on the difference. I know many will not agree, but again this is my opinion.

I would like to say that florists do an AMAZING job on floral arrangements, but there is difference between a traditional florist and event designer.
A traditional florist is an individual who creates floral arrangements for any occasion. They have a variety of clients and can accommodate most budgets. A florist may have multiple orders and deliveries daily. They only deal with the floral aspect of an event. They design based on past work, photos from clients, or packages they offer. The florist may not be present at event for install, they may have multiple teams that will deliver and install the clients order.

An event designer is a creative that works with florals and décor to bring their clients vision to life for their event. An event designer works very closely with the client and their planner. They have eye for details and color combinations. An event designer is for a client that is looking for that WOW factor in their event and understands the investment that has to be made to create their dream event. An event designer is at their client’s event to ensure every aspect of your event is in place and your design install is seamless. They ensure not one detail is overlooked and the details meet the client’s expectations
I hope my definition of a traditional florist and event designer help you determine who to hire for your next event.

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