Planning a fun summer brunch is a fantastic time to catch up with relatives, family, and friends; all while enjoying a fabulous home-cooked meal. Brunch to one person may mean going heavy on mimosas, but to another, a perfect summer brunch may resonate as more of a quiet and homey setting with loved ones. Whatever your brunching style may be, our unique summer-inspired ideas will surely get you in the mood for warm weather.

Park-Style Picnic

First, assign a food or drink item to each person who will be joining. Items can range from champagne and OJ, to snacks and fruit, as well as a frisbee and picnic blanket. The point is, you want to encourage each person to participate by bringing something of their own to this picnic brunch. The transition from late May to early June makes for some fabulous weather to get outside and enjoy a nice time with your friends, as opposed to spending money at a traditional restaurant brunch. For this idea, you’ll want to set up camp at a local park or convenient, open grassy area. Scenery is crucial to this particular brunch experience, so I suggest going to your city’s largest or most popular park to hang out! You want an open and airy place with plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your meal.

This idea is also perfect for large groups of friends and family. Charcuterie boards are a great go-to snack idea for picnics because its ingredients are simple and so easy to transport. Depending on how many will attend this brunch, you can assign a picnic item for each person to bring. You will need: a wooden cutting board, meats, crackers, carbs, fruits, nuts, spreads, and finally, various cheeses. The more variance and color, the better! Additionally, assign one person to bring plastic wine glasses and champagne for some easy-to-make mimosas to top it all off. Prosecco or other sparkling wines are great summer drink options if champagne tends to give you a headache. And voila! Now, you have your own DIY picnic day with the help of your friends. This summer-inspired idea is great for making an entire afternoon out of your brunch: If the mimosas make you decide you don’t want to stay in one place, you’re able to walk around the park’s trails or throw a frisbee while enjoying some good company.

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest

Buffet-Style Summer Brunch

Contrasting the picnic-style brunch, our second summer brunch idea consists of making a buffet-style brunch in the comfort of your home. If you particularly like entertaining guests at your apartment or house, this idea will be perfect for you. The buffet-style brunch is also great for when extended family members are in town to visit! With a wide array of food options, the buffet style allows each person, whether they’re a kid or adult, to choose whatever it is they want to eat.

Food options that work well for a buffet-style brunch should be easy to self-serve. Some great options include but aren’t limited to: Pancakes, bacon, egg casserole, waffles, fruit salad, and veggie platters. This is also a perfect opportunity to whip out your favorite recipe book and cook a family recipe, or try your hand at something new. Most recipes will serve around 4-6, so why not give it a try? Once you’ve planned out all the foods you’ll be serving, set them up in a line on your counter next to some plates and silverware, and let your guests help themselves! For this idea, brunch drinks are optional, especially if kids are around…However, this may make you want to enjoy some drinks even more. In the case that you want to drink, mimosas, of course, are the staple drink option for a great brunch. You can put a twist on your mimosas by creating watermelon mimosas, which include: Seedless watermelon chunks, lime juice, sugar, and champagne. Mix these in a blender, and you’ll be ready to serve a unique and tasty twist on the traditional mimosa, which your guests likely have yet to try!

Photo Courtesy: The Guardian

Photo Courtesy: Pinterest