Celebration of Spring

Spring is in the air, which particularly excites Shanna and her passion for finding beautiful springtime colors. She is extremely eager for spring weddings and events as well as being able to get outside to see all of nature’s beautiful color palettes. Of course, we can’t help but love the spring season. As the weather starts to get warmer and the sun shines, our moods instantly boost. Spring wedding colors reflect the fresh, new feel of transitioning from cold to warmer weather. Popular spring color schemes include muted colors and pastels, which pallets create the perfect spring celebration. But as trends change, we are beginning to see some not-so-spring colors find their way into popular wedding color pallets. This unique contrast between dark and light colors in a springtime pallet actually turn out beautifully, as well as on-trend. The question though, is… What exactly are the 2021 spring wedding color trends?


Shanna’s Favorite Spring Palettes:


Pantone Color of 2021 – Illuminating and Ultimate Gray are this year’s Spring Pantone colors. This combination adds a pop of color to a venue but contrasts the light with dark undertones, and the results look incredibly modern and luxe. We will see these colors become increasingly more popular this season.




Lavender and Light Blue – Shanna explains, “I’m not a big fan of purple, but the light shade of purples and blues fascinate me. I can see lavenders and light blues in palettes for a beautiful outdoor spring wedding.” Medium purples, lavenders, and light blues also look great next to white and make for beautiful accent colors. This combination of colors has been popular for a while and will continue to run its course throughout the 2021 springtime wedding season.






Neutrals – You can never go wrong with neutrals. This timeless classic color scheme gives a fresh springtime feel to your dream wedding and never goes out of style. There are endless shades of nude and neutral grey, brown, pink, etc., that you can use! These neutral-colored bridesmaid dresses below look absolutely gorgeous against the greenery, or with any outdoor wedding venue.







Shades of Pink – Different shades of pink are both romantic and lively, but pinks also add a sweet and feminine touch to your wedding. Whether you choose pastel shades or darker shades of pink, the color certainly makes your occasion more romantic. Using pink often in her client’s weddings, Shanna says, “If you know anything about me, you must know I’m a pink-a-holic”.




Tropical Colors – Tropical palettes make for a beautiful beach wedding. Combinations of grapefruit orange, pink, plant green, or sea blue bring out the vibrant tropical vibes of your destination wedding. Summery and unique looking flowers play into the tropical feel as well.







How Do I Choose the Right Color Scheme for my Wedding?

Still need help deciding how/what to choose your wedding palette? Here are some steps to help you choose your wedding palette:

  • Think about the venue for your wedding. Draw inspiration from your venue. If you are having a beach wedding or if you are flying to a tropical destination, putting tropical colors in your wedding might suit best. If your wedding venue is white, then add a pop of lavender and light blue for a true springtime feel.
  • Consider the season you are getting married. Spring and Summer seasons go better with lighter and brighter colors, while winter and fall weddings may be more suitable for muted colors and darks.
  • What look and feel you want for your wedding. Keep this in mind when choosing your wedding color pallet.
  • Choose a color palette that speaks to you and your fiancé. If yellow is your fiancé’s favorite color, think about using yellow in your wedding. Or, for example, if your fiancé showed up to your first date with a bouquet of yellow roses, using shades of yellow will make your wedding that much more special.

Spring colors vary far and wide, and we understand it may be tough coming to a final decision on your wedding colors, but Shanna will ensure your perfect wedding will come to life. Book a free consultation below to plan the wedding of your dreams: