When planning your wedding, “When will our wedding be?” usually refers to the time of year. It is quite common for weddings to be held during the afternoon or evening, but have you considered having your wedding in the morning? With the influx of unconventional wedding ideas in the past year, tying the knot before noon is the perfect way to spice up your wedding for several reasons. If you’re considering the idea of a morning wedding, here are a few pros and cons to help you decide!


Different Food Options

Your guests will thank you for veering away from the typical wedding menu of salad, a protein with a side, and dessert. Serving breakfast or brunch at your reception opens a wide range of possibilities for your reception meal. Whether you opt for a waffle bar, a breakfast buffet, or even an omelet station, guests will love the change of pace. Additionally, breakfast foods are also more affordable to cater than dinner foods- and who doesn’t love a mimosa?

Affordable Rates

You obviously want your wedding to be fabulous; cutting costs on something like the time of day will leave room to splurge on other luxury features. Many wedding venues charge less for morning rentals, making for a more cost-effective event. You will also ideally be spending less on alcohol too as guests tend to drink less during this time of day.

More Time, Less Stress

A ceremony that ends at 2 p.m. leaves more time to account for unpredictable travel frustrations without rushing. Traffic can be unpredictable and stressing about missing your flight to your honeymoon getaway that night is the last thing you’d want. If you and your spouse have an early morning flight the next day, a morning wedding will reduce the risk of oversleeping or flying with a brutal hangover. You’ll have ample time to relax after your reception and to check your tickets and bags!


Early Mornings

The early call time could make for sleepy or cranky wedding guests. Moreover, the bride and her bridesmaids will need to wake up even earlier for hair and makeup. A morning wedding is ideal for a family of early birds, but it is nothing a couple of cups of coffee can’t fix. If you are looking to have more of a party at your wedding, mornings may not be the best option.


Potential Fees

If you book a wedding venue that is in high demand, the events are often consecutive. Your wedding will need to conclude on-time to avoid any potential late fees to account for clean-up and set up for the next event. Be sure to take note of the fees your venuecharges and be considerate of those who will use it after you. We don’t want your wedding day to be tainted by a hefty late fee.





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