Meeting of the parents is always an intimidating get-together for both parties. Someone worrying about liking the other and the approval check is a nail-biter, but have no fear, this post is here to help those premature jitters shake right out of the door.

Be sure the time is right

If you haven’t met your loved one’s parents already, it is best to meet them as soon as possible after the engagement takes place. It could be during the engagement party, it might even be before the party, so that way everyone can have their own time to ask questions and get to know one another. With the meeting already having to take place, it’s best not to rush everyone into something and get everyone more flustered than they probably already are. There really are no set rules in meeting the parents. Just make it light and fun and be sure to breathe.

Keep it fresh and fun

Meet outside of the house, in a public setting, and maybe in a neutral setting. Suggesting everyone have brunch is always a great idea. That way everyone can have better options in what they may want to eat. Brunch in a restaurant really sets the neutral vibes between everyone. Dinner is another great idea. Being able to share a meal between everyone is a good start when introducing and meeting new people, especially the parents. Bonding between some tacos is a personal favorite.

Make sure everyone is comfortable

Be sure everyone agrees. If someone is a pescatarian, which is a person who only eats fish, then you certainly don’t want to take them to an all you can eat barbeque buffet. Someone could also be a plant-based vegetarian. Decide on a place among each other where there are plenty of options for everyone involved.

Safe discussion topics

There are plenty of safe topics to talk about. If you and your partner have decided on topics, then fantastic. Here are a few ideas to get the conversation flowing. Travel plans and places you two would like to visit in the future after getting married. Ask if anyone else has been to places they love and have them talk about it. It will get them in a happier mood when they are thinking about places or vacation spots they have been to and would love to visit again. Stick to things most people are interested in. Movies, books, favorite authors, popular shows featured on Netflix, Disney+ like the new Star Wars shows or HBO Max like Game of Thrones. Music is another great topic. If you know someone in the family enjoys talking about cars and trucks, ask and talk about their favorite make and models of vehicles. Nothing makes someone happier than talking about something they love and have a passion about.

Topics to look out for or avoid

In all aspects, the main things to avoid are speaking about religion, money, and politics. Those specific topics can get pretty heated between opposing parties, and it is best to steer clear with anything involving those, whether it is about the wedding or in a general sense. You don’t want to start discussing these topics in the first meetings. Spending time with and learning more about one another is first and foremost the main thing.


Remember to have fun! These people will be in your lives for the rest of yours. First meetings are always nerve-wracking, but in the end, you and your partner will always have the love of one another.


Do all things with love


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