My love for wedding planning knows no bounds, but as any business owner understands, a lot has to be done to run your company smoothly. No business can be run by an individual alone, it takes a team of hardworking and devoted people to reach your goals. Which is why I am excited to introduce my team of impressive interns!

With the help of my intern team, I am not only able to focus more on my clients, but I am able to grow my business using knowledge from young professionals. So let’s meet the team!

Graphic & Media Interns


                             Elise Chandler                                                                 Tanea Jackson

It’s well known that media is one of the most important tools to any successful business, and my graphic and media Interns have already proved themselves extremely helpful. Elise Chandler (left)  attends Valencia College and will graduate this December, her passion for painting and illustration fuels her love for design. It is her dream to one day be a creative director for a design agency and even start her own. When she’s not unleashing her creative side, you can find her hiking in a national park, she’s camped in almost every one!

Working alongside Elise for the graphic and media team is Tanea Jackson (right). Tanea received her degree from Angelo State University. Tanea’s talents go beyond graphic and media design, she’s been singing in church since she was only four years old. She has a love for all things cheetah print, describing herself as a cheetah girl for life. Tanea is summed up best in her own words:  “Beauty and brains, black and educated. Using my degree to achieve!” 

Social Media & Marketing Interns


                    Lilly Hrynko                                                                    Rebeca Reyes

Working closely alongside our graphic and media team are our social media and marketing interns. Lilly Hrynko (left) is currently studying at Temple University and will be graduating next year, but has lived across the country in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. When she’s not killing the social media game, you can find her fulfilling her love for baking and cooking. And aside from helping you market your company digitally, she’s a great person to have around when building furniture, like really great. 

Joining Lilly on this team is Rebeca Reyes (right), who received her degree from San Diego State University. Growing up as an only child, her independent spirit led her to live abroad for an entire year. The majority of her time was spent in Austria, allowing her to learn basic German. Her time spent outside growing her career as a social media and marketing professional, is spent enjoying her favorite Kpop girl group, Red Velvet. 

Copywriter Interns


                    Gabby Niedbalski                                                              Lucy Fryer

Rounding up our creative dream team, are our copywriter interns. Gabby Niedbalski (left) is a current Senior at James Madison University, her time spent at school is dedicated to her studies, as well as the club she started which focuses on aiding the local animal shelter. PRP’s remote internship is perfect for her, considering she’s already lived in six states. Her drive and focus make her an incredible writer, check out her work by visiting my business coaching blog. 

The copywriting team is completed by Lucy Fryer (right), a recent 2020 graduate from Michigan State University. Growing up as the youngest of four girls, she left her crowded nest in San Diego to live across the country in Michigan and New York. Her love for all things reading related make her a great writer, driving her to one day become a published author. 

It takes a village to grow your company and I’ve surrounded myself with the best of the bunch. Excited to see what the interns bring to PRP in the upcoming months, enjoy their work by staying updated with PRP’s website and social media pages!