Ladies, it’s time to discuss what might be the most enjoyable decision to make during this process, the bridal wear. Being able to envision what you will look like on your big day is what gets a lot of brides excited, and the plethora of options to choose from make the process all the more exciting. However, that variety also makes the decision harder, especially because every bride desires the PERFECT dress or outfit. Margo West, owner of Margo West Bridal Alterations knows all about that pressure to find perfection, so we talked to her to help give brides more information on how they can obtain their own fairy-godmother-worthy bridal wear. 

Margo West

The Dress Says Yes to You

Providing the DFW area with expert alterations is only one of the services that Margo West Bridal Alterations provides, they can also design a custom wedding gown designed just for you! Margo’s expertise makes her the perfect professional to help brides find or create the dress of their dreams. When it comes to finding ‘the’ dress, Margo believes that “the most important factor for a bride when choosing a dress is to allow the dress to choose her as well. From the moment she slips on her gown, she knows that it is meant to be. The look and feel should be amazing!” 

Just like we see in the movies, the moment ‘the’ dress is tried on by the bride, the bride knows in her heart and mind that this is what she is walking down the aisle in. However, Margo encourages clients to take as much time as they need to make this decision, especially when designing a custom wedding gown. As Margo creates these custom gowns by hand, it’s imperative that every detail is discussed and decided together so the bride is nothing short of confident that she will fall in love with the final result. 

Inspiration to Fall in Love With

With so many different styles to look through, we asked Margo what styles were inspiring her right now. Margo’s new favorite trend is colorful wedding gowns, and as we saw from Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, her opinion is not alone. Bridal designers are stepping out of conventional bridal themes to explore all that bridal gowns can be by taking colorful, textured risks. Currently, Margo is channeling her inner Kelly Faetanini, to inspire her own designs. 

Kelly Faetanini ‘Seraphina’ Gown

Margo enjoys designs that are outside the box and that includes jumpsuits. While she enjoys jumpsuits, she prefers them for more casual settings and pairs them with sheer flowy capes to add a hint of drama. Margo believes it’s important to consider the theme and venue of your wedding when picking out your bridal wear because it “can help enhance the love story that is being told.” Whether it’s a ball-gown on a luxury estate or a sleek-fit gown on a gorgeous beach, the dress can enhance the setting of your wedding and vice versa.

The Design is in the Details

No bridal wear is complete without the accessories to match. Margo’s favorite accessories include earrings and veils, which can transform bridal wear from gorgeous to fairy godmother approved. Bridal accessories are also transforming, giving brides more options on how to alter their look. Veils, capes, feathers, jackets, and fringe all decorated the gowns at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and are giving a whole new definition for what it takes to be bridal. 

It’s Margo’s favorite part of her job to see her clients face when their gown has been completed and is aisle-ready. Whether you want to fulfill your classic fairytale dreams or take a risk with a little bit of color, deciding on your bridal wear is a special, love-filled moment that brings you one step closer to your wedding day. Ease the stress and time spent looking through different bridal styles by visiting Margo West Bridal Alterations! Take a look at some of their services by visiting their website and check out their Instagram: @margowestbridalalterations to see some of the gorgeous custom gowns they’ve designed!