Luxurious Event Design




We offer full event decor services for your wedding, special event or corporate events . We take pride in taking a simple idea and creating something magical with it . We want your guests to walk into a magical space where the personalities of the couple is seen through not only the flowers but all elements of design we create. Our design services include floral designs, fabric designs, creative lighting designs and all the little details to add the perfect finish to your exquisite design. Our goal is to create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime at every event. Our professional and creative design team and vendors are onboard on one mission, to specifically deliver well coordinated, exquisite and extraordinary results for your grand event.




What sets our team apart is our ability to connect with our clients and bring their dreams to life through meticulous and intentional design. We take the time to get to know the inspiring personalities that walk through our studio doors. Our inspiration comes from all forms of life, whether it’s nature, art, fashion, architecture, or our clients. We ask the right questions and attentively listen to the responses.



Led by Shanna Boger, our team will design and give life to a custom aesthetic that reflects what we’ve discovered about you and your ideas. We believe that every single detail dramatically impacts the ambience of an event. From the aesthetics to the experience, each element is meticulously laced together to form a harmonious setting.


“Timeless charm meets modern glamour.”