Love is in the air, and it is everywhere during the month of February. As the transition from the new year into the Valentine’s Day season arrives, more pressure begins to be put on ourselves; to either solidify a current relationship, or to start seriously looking for a long-term partner. For those who find themselves lonely around this season of love, you’re in luck. Fortunately, having a partner isn’t necessary in order to spread and show a little more love to the people who mean the most to you.

However, this ideal romantic connection that us humans naturally long for seems to be even more difficult to find around Valentine’s Day. Often when we see our friends and family blossoming in healthy, beautiful relationships, we begin to compare our own relationships to theirs. While this tendency to compare ourselves is natural, it may be especially heightened around Valentine’s Day because of the influx of love and romance being advertised everywhere we go.

There should be no fear of spending this Valentine’s Day alone. Rather than sulk in your own loneliness, remember that good things—and relationships—take time to happen. Unfortunately, you won’t find your soulmate overnight. If you don’t yet have a significant other in your life, instead spend this Valentine’s season expressing your love and appreciation for the people who are already in your life. Think of the people that make life a little brighter and consider buying them a gift, or some chocolates to show how much you appreciate them.



As for relationships, a valuable lesson that many discover as they grow in wisdom is in order to attract the person of your dreams, you first need to be the person of your dreams. Sometimes, the best way to attract somebody special is to not actively seek them. If constantly worry that you’ll never find a partner, or that it may be too late to find your soulmate connection, you might be blindly searching for love.

The solution to this is simple: The Law of Attraction states that the moment you begin to express more kindness, for example, then, you will naturally begin to attract other men and women who live with values of kindness. Replace “kindness” with the values most important to you. You will gradually see a shift in the people you’re naturally attracting by simply just being. What better feeling is there than being able to attract your dream guy or girl with ease? Whether your desire is to manifest a better friendship with someone or to begin attracting the right person for a relationship, the Law of Attraction guarantees more people who share your values will start to come into your life. Sometimes, all it takes is simply making these values clear.


Above all, it is important to remain patient if you’re newly seeking someone for the long term. These special connections will never happen overnight. In this world where we crave immediacy, we sometimes forget that the foundation of true, meaningful relationships is not built upon immediate attraction. Have no fear, don’t rush, and remember that genuine feelings require time to progress.

So, rather than sulking in loneliness this Valentine’s Day season, use this February as a small reminder to take extra care of yourself, and to express gratitude for loved ones. Treat yourself to a nice meal or buy a gift for yourself just because. Consistency is key to a great love story, so to all the singles who are reading this, your person is out there. Just stay true to yourself and your values, and the right person will come to you. In the meantime, be your own soulmate. J