What is the latest trends you are seeing in cake designs?

Couple’s today are looking for classic, natural looks that reflect their environment or personalities.  For instance, rustic style wedding cakes are very trendy, which include wood, greenery and soft textured buttercream elements. Another design I have noticed are semi-naked cakes where the buttercream isn’t perfect and exposes some cake. My brides care more about what the cake taste like and most choose buttercream cakes over fondant.

Tell us about your dessert stations at weddings? Is this a growing trend?

I absolutely love creating dessert table experiences for weddings! Dessert tables provide a great space at the reception where we can incorporate the couples’ favorite desserts, including mini pies, dessert shooters and mini cheesecakes, along with novelty candies, popcorn and donuts.

I suggest to my clients to use food and dessert as way to show your personalities or your love story. The trend is growing because more couples are getting away from the “just” ordinary wedding cake. Guests enjoy the creativity and variety dessert table gives, at the end of the night as a special treat or favor. Photo Credit: Love Abides Photography Peaches with Honey

Tell us about your favorite cake design. Photo attached.

My favorite cake design is simple in technique but with a dramatic result. With wedding cakes, less is more. I love classic designs, painted watercolors with florals, but I also like metallic, like gold and rose gold used in classic designs.




What are some of your favorite cake techniques?

I love decorating cakes with buttercream. I can work much faster with buttercream than fondant, with the same polished finish. Plus, it’s delicious! Most clients like the smooth look of fondant, but not so much the taste. So, I can deliver a cake iced in smooth buttercream, so the taste is not sacrificed for design. I love the challenge to replicate a technique in buttercream based on a fondant design. After all, wedding cakes can be expensive, so you want your guests to enjoy one of the most important elements of the event.

How do you decide how much cake to order for your wedding?

In most weddings, my clients order both a wedding cake and dessert table. I usually suggest half cake and half desserts. The rule of thumb is to order 1.5 servings x 80% of the amount of guests you’re expecting. It’s the perfect number of servings for your wedding.

For example, if you expecting 100 guests, order dessert for 80 servings, which can be broken down into:

Cake: 40 guests x 1.5 servings = 60 servings of cake ordered

Desserts: 40 guests x 1.5 servings = 60 servings of desserts ordered

Total servings 120 servings of cake and desserts for 100 guests.

What can a bride expect at your cake consultation?

The purpose of the tasting is so the bride can taste our desserts and so I can get to know them better. Prior to the tasting, I ask if she has any favorite desserts or cake flavors they would like to taste. No one should waste time at a tasting with things they simply are not interested in ordering, right?

Once they arrive we greet them warmly and offer our southern hospitality, with cold water ready and cake portfolio book. The tasting starts with a platter of 6-8 cake and/or desserts and 6-8 fillings and buttercream flavors. We discuss the colors and theme of the wedding, and different ways details can be incorporated in the desserts. I review the terms of our contract and answer all questions. I seal the deal with a hug and thank you.

When should brides place their order for their cake?

According to industry standards, the wedding cake should be ordered minimum four to six months in advance. We usually book up early and quickly, so it’s a good idea to start looking early so you will have time to finalize your decision without feeling rushed. I’m excited to meet you and help create your “sweet” wedding dreams!

Photo Credit: Teshorn JacksonD. LacyLynnet Perez Photography