With the holiday season well on it’s way, it’s arrival is not alone, the rise of family gatherings and time with friends welcomes in the engagement season. With almost half of all engagements occurring between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day (www.weddingwire.com), you or someone you know might be in the process of planning the biggest surprise of their life. Planning a proposal requires a lot of stealth and preparation and one of the hardest parts of that process is figuring out how to secretly photograph or record the special moment without giving it away.

Whether you’re proposing in the middle of Times Square or in the middle of the desert, there are plenty of ways to capture the moment without ruining it.

Phone a Friend

When proposing to your partner, you need to get them to the location without suspicion, that might mean taking them on a date or conspiring with one of their friends to get them to the spot. If you’re using the help of a friend then you can push that help a little further by asking them to photograph the moment. There are many benefits to phoning a friend for this task, especially if you’re proposing in a remote location. A friend’s presence won’t raise suspicion and also eliminates any awkwardness to having a stranger there for one of the biggest moments of your life.

Aside from also saving money by avoiding the photography fee, having someone that knows you both personally can be great for the photography process. They know the preferred angles (huge) of the bride and can expect how she’ll react in order to choose the perfect spot to shoot from. The best thing to do is to plan ahead. Don’t have a nice camera? Give yourself enough time to ask around and see if you can borrow one. If your friend isn’t a photography professional, then give them enough time to mess around with the camera so they can figure out the best settings for when the time comes.

The most important thing is the proposal and having someone close to you there to capture the moment can make the event all the more intimate and special.

Bring in the Paparazzi

If you’re friends are photographically challenged and you don’t want to risk the loss of great pictures, then it’s time to bring in the paparazzi, literally. There are many ways to make sure a photographer is there to capture the engagement without giving anything away, including Paparazzi Proposals, a photography company that specializes in capturing proposals from secret locations. After receiving information about the proposal, they scout the area beforehand in order to determine the best spot to shoot from, while remaining inconspicuous. And if you don’t want the moment ruined by a stranger, they can show up, shoot, and leave, all without giving themselves away. A huge benefit? They’re available in locations across the country!

If you don’t have access to Paparazzi Proposals, don’t fret, by planning ahead with a hired photographer, you can guarantee secretive, candid photos of your proposal. If you’re proposing in a public place, hide the photographer in plain sight at a distant, giving the photographer great uninterrupted views while also ensuring that your big speech won’t be interrupted by the *click click* of the camera. If proposing in a quiet, private setting, practice with the photographer before the big day, trying out different spots to see which one gives them the best view while keeping them hidden.

Whether you hire a photographer or cash in on a favor from a friend, proposals are monumental events that deserve to be captured.

The More Help, the Better

If you’re in the process of planning a proposal, or helping someone pop the big question, then you realize how much planning has to go into it to make it as special as you dreamed. Wedding planners are there for more than just planning the big day, they can also help you plan the perfect proposal! The proposal is only the beginning, and the wedding that follows requires much more effort. Let us make the entire process as breezy as possible, from the proposal to the vows. We can help walk you through the entire process, from picking out a ring, deciding on the perfect spot, and of course getting the best photographer. Hiring a wedding planner makes that process a million times easier. Just like how hiring a professional photographer guarantees the perfect proposal photos, hiring a professional wedding planner guarantees the perfect proposal.

When making one of the biggest commitments in life, you want to focus on each other, let professionals handle the rest. Schedule a consultation today, we’ll do the work, while you enjoy the ride!

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