Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. The stress of perfection can be overwhelming. With the list of items to manage, the importance of stationery can get overlooked.
The invitation is the first impression guests will have about your wedding! This lasting impression deserves appropriate attention. It sets the stage for your guest’s experience and is also a way to share blissful memories of your special day. Setting this anticipation is a great way to ensure your guests will remember the experience. Also, make sure your invitation stands out from the many others your guest may receive this year.


Invitations hold all the important the important event details! It has the vital information such as location, times, and other critical details. Those travelling to attend use this information to plan travel and can plan to save money and hassle. Other details that can be shared are diet options, disability facilities, dress code and other factors that are great to share in advance.
The invitation is not the only stationery needed to organize the build up to the big day! You may need reply cards, which eases the guest’s RSVP process and in turn, helps the planning of your event. Thank you, cards are important to send guests after the big day. Ordering all stationery together will make life much easier and save a lot of money and time when ordered in bulk!