Statement from Shanna Boger: “I have a passion for planning, designing, and coaching, but recently I have had the desire to share my business knowledge with the next generation that will soon be entering the workforce. Since the pandemic brought the wedding industry to a halt, I had to rethink my business and how I was going to implement the ideas I had been pushing to the side for years. So, I took the chance and started my internship program in PRP Luxury Group in September 2020.

I was nervous, but I followed my heart and opened my business to my first group of interns.  The experience was amazing, and I learned so much from them and poured everything I learned from corporate America to starting my own business. The interns had an amazing experience, and they help me learn what it really means to be the owner of a business.  I have always believed your business is only as good as your people and investing in them only helps you. This Spring I have another group of FABULOUS people who are helping me shift my businesses to the next level. So, let us meet the superpower behind PRP Luxury Group and Pretty Business Solutions!”

Graphic Design

Alyna Chadwick

Welcome Alyna as PRP’s Graphic Design Intern working alongside Morgan. She gets the opportunity to create monograms, stationery, and print designs for couples who hire PRP as their wedding and event planner.
She’s not your average joe, she is energetic, eccentric, and is a perfectionist. She follows the color blue to great lengths as her love for the sky and the ocean overflow her life. When enjoying her day-to-day time, she likes music, playing video games, and visiting her mom’s house, but would ultimately enjoy visiting places overseas, such as Japan, the Netherlands and or, Scotland and Ireland.
Alyna’s favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day; a nice dinner and the exchange of gifts with her partner is her cup of tea. As PRP is a luxury wedding and event planner, this could not be a better fit for her, and we are happy to have her apart of this team.

Fun Facts:
1. Alyna likes to write fantasy novels in her free time.
2. She has taught her cat how to play tag and hide and seek.
3. Sometimes she would have to shovel snow in her driveway in shorts and a t-shirt because her metabolism would make her overheat in a coat and pants. She wouldn’t get cold, but she would steam in the cold air from how hot she would get. No conclusion has been considered.

Morgan Thompson

Meet Morgan! Here at PRP, Morgan is our Graphic Design Intern working alongside Alyna. She has always loved the idea of stationary, magazines, and website design. She is excited for the chance to design planners for present and future bride and grooms of PRP’s wedding glamour bliss.
She is not a Ms. Nobody in this scenario; she is an eclectic person full of love, uniqueness, and perseverance like her favorite colors, purple and pink which brings beautiful contrast to this world. She enjoys her time at her Granny’s house in Florida, a peaceful getaway. Along with her preferred season being Spring, photographing moments of chirping birds and scurry little animals actively about brings her joy throughout the year.
In her free time, she loves to crochet for others and is addicted to buying yarn. You will most likely find her at a thrift store saving money, combined with playing video games and spending time with her husband and their seven furbabies. PRP is happy to have such a joyful person apart of the team.

Fun Facts:
1. Morgan loves cats. She has four cats, who are her babies.
2. Her favorite artist is Pablo Picasso.
3. She loves crystals, rocks, and gemstones.

Social Media Marketing

Michael Ma

 Cheer for Michael as PRP’s Marketing Intern. He has a passion for marketing and doing market research. He hopes to gain better marketing techniques by working with the other talented marketers on PRP’s team.
Michael is a person who demonstrates kindness towards others, as an idealist, as a public speaker, and a pet lover. He enjoys black and white, pure and simple things, but absolutely cannot live without music. It gives him that boost of energy every day, especially since he enjoys the gym and playing basketball in his free time. New York City was on his list of favorite places, but as a current resident of NYC, his next destination would be the exciting atmosphere of London, England to fulfill his craze for international cities.
Michael’s favorite holiday is Chinese New Year as he gets the time to be reunited with all of his family members and relatives whom he couldn’t normally meet up with daily. As he began a new academic semester in the beginning of January, PRP and the other wonderful team members will gladly be his second family.

Fun Facts:
1. Michael is the only child in his family.
2. His dream job was to be an actor.
3. If he had a superpower, it would be to time travel.


Lauren Carroll

Welcome Lauren as PRP’s Copywriter Intern. She has a desire for writing and completing research for her findings. She is grateful for the opportunity to write PRP blogs about any helpful tips, hints, and tricks to help anyone along their way, as well as, writing articles for PRP’s AMORE Magazine.
Lauren is a determined creative who uses rational thinking, analysis, and research to reach a conclusion. She enjoys being outside and exploring, which matches her favorite color green. Her go-to drink of each day is always a nice cup of coffee, unless she is feeling brave and reaches for tea instead. This is not her first time interning with PRP as a copywriter, and she is very happy being back a second time to continue to write her heart out.
Lauren’s favorite holiday is Christmas because of the beautiful lights and decorations, families coming together, and most of the time it snows. Winter and cold is her go to during the year, though, residing in Texas, it can be difficult. As PRP’s copywriter, it will always be Christmas time because of the lights, decorations, and family that makes a wedding beautiful.

Fun Facts:
1. Lauren is obsessed with dogs. She has four furbabies.
2. She enjoys jumping on trampolines.
3. Her favorite author is Clive Cussler.

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