I have a passion for planning, designing, and coaching, but recently I have had the desire to share my business knowledge with the next generation that will soon be entering the workforce. Since the pandemic, brought the wedding industry to a halt. I had to rethink my business and how I was going to implement the ideas I had been pushing to the side for years. So, I took the chance and started my internship program in PRP Luxury Group in September 2020.

I was nervous, but I followed my heart and opened my business to my first group of interns.  The experience was amazing, and I learned so much from them and poured everything I learned from corporate American to starting my own business. The interns had an amazing experience, and they help me learn what it really means to be the owner of a business.  I have always believed your business is only as good as your people and investing in them only helps you. So, this Spring I have another group of FABULOUS young women who are helping me shift my businesses to the next level. So, let us meet the superpower behind PRL Luxury Group and Pretty Business Solutions!

Social Media and Marketing Team 

1. Martine Greenblatt

PRP interns

Martine Greenblatt is a Social Media Marketing intern for PRP Luxury Group and also for Pretty Business Solutions. Her work revolves around creating stories for our social media platforms and also for our Pinterest account. Martine Greenblatt attends the College of Saint Rose and is currently majoring in Management with a minor in Marketing. Martine Greenblatt is from Albany, New York. 

Interesting Fun Facts About Martine Greenblatt!

  1. 1. Martine won first place in an abstract art competition when she was 18
  2. 2. Martine met Barack Obama when she was 9
  3. 3. Martine is a huge animal lover!

How has Martine’s experience been so far interning with PRP and PBS?

“I’ve learned so much! My favorite thing I’ve learned so far is that there is actually so much more to certain platforms than I knew before- especially Pinterest. I’m also learning about tools I’ve never heard of before. I’m learning what draws in luxury clients which is extremely helpful for me. I also love learning about how to market a small female-owned business. This internship couldn’t have been a better match for my resume. I have worked in the luxury fashion retail industry as well as the wedding industry but wanted to focus more on the marketing side. Shanna is such an amazing person to work for, I leave team meetings feeling motivated rather than stressed out. I never imagined a virtual internship but it has been a fun experience, I just wish I could meet all the lovely people I’m working with! I am constantly checking engagement & designing posts for Instagram and Pinterest. Recently a video I edited went viral on TikTok and that was very fun! I’m always trying to perfect the way I use each algorithm and researching that as well. The energy during our team meetings is always so motivating. It has been different to do this virtually but we are all trying our best and encouraging each other. I feel like I have had the right resume direction but I needed a portfolio to showcase my talents and this internship has truly helped me with that. I also am learning so many new things every day about social media marketing which is truly the future of marketing.”

2. Sara Yaghi

Sara Yaghi is a social media marketing intern for PRP Luxury Group and Pretty Business Solutions. Her internship focuses on creating content for Instagram and Facebook pages of the two brands. Sara Yaghi is a Senior at the University of North Texas majoring in Consumer Experience Management. Sara Yaghi is from Mckinsey, Texas. 

Interesting Fun Facts About Sara Yaghi! 

  1. Sara has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  2. Sara has traveled to 27 countries
  3. She has had the same cat for 16 years. 

How has Sarah’s experience been so far interning for PRP and PBS?

“So far, my time at PRP has made me learn all the different strategies about social media and how to leverage your posts to gain followers and engagement. I was excited to intern at PRP, because of the way Shanna positioned the company in being luxurious, which is a lot different than the usual wedding planner. My favorite thing about interning at PRP is that I am able to offer my suggestions and they are taken into account in decision making. Usually, in the mid-afternoon, I ensure that all the posts have been uploaded for the day. Then I engage with newly engaged couples and begin designing posts for the next week. This internship is giving me the real-life knowledge that I need to be successful in the corporate world.”

3. Clementine Renard

Clementine Renard is a Social Media Marketing Intern for PRP Luxury Group and Pretty Business solutions. Her internship focuses on creating Pinterest content for both brands. Clementine Renard has attended the York University in Toronto, Canada, and is originally from Paris, France. 

Interesting Fun Facts About Clementine Renard 

  1. Clemente loves to eat ice-cream! She can eat it continuously all day long without ever stopping no matter what the weather. 
  2. Her best friend became her best friend by breaking her legs when she was 5 years old. 
  3. One thing Clementine cannot live without is the cuddly toy that she has had since she was born. 

Graphic Design & Media Team

1. Emily Crymes

Emily Crymes is a graphic and media designing intern for Pretty Business Solutions. Emily has an Associates of arts degree in AA, Graphic and Web Design from the Anne Arundel Community College. Emily is from Edgewater, Maryland. 

Interesting Fun Facts About Emily Crymes

  1. Emily enjoys hiking and being in the mountains. 
  2. Her favorite animal is penguins
  3. Emily enjoys going to the gym and weightlifting 

How has Emily’s experience been so far interning with Pretty Business Solutions?

“What have I learned so far during my internship? Wow, so much! The nitty-gritty of WordPress, more about the wedding industry and all of the little things that are needed, implementation of branding, and so much more. My goal is to own my own freelance graphic and web design business for small businesses, so everything that I am learning is very much in line with that. Shanna is so great. She is organized, makes sure you have everything you need, and is very willing to help at any time. Some days I do a ton of stuff for PRP or PBS, and others are only minor things. We all are able to help each other and discuss things well.”

2. Ginger Haggbloom 

Ginger Haggbloom is a graphic and web designing intern for the PRP luxury group. She is currently a junior at the University of Florida, pursuing her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Emerging Media and Graphic Designing. Ginger Haggbloom is from Sun City, Florida. 

Interesting Fun Facts about Ginger Haggbloom

  1. Ginger is obsessed with taking care of plants and owns 33 plants in total with 17 different varieties. She has also begun to paint pots for them and has sold multiple of her painted pots to peers at her school. 
  2. She is a strong advocate for environmentalism and renewable energy as well as reducing plastic waste from oceans. 
  3. Ginger loves reading fantasy books. Her favorite book series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.

How has Ginger’s experience been so far interning with PRP Luxury Group?

“What have I learned so far during my internship? WordPress, SEO, Plugins, Custom Stationery Design (still learning), Instagram. It did in the terms of becoming a graphic designer, but I never had too much of an interest in weddings. However, currently, I am working on a custom stationery project and will definitely keep an open mind on doing more in the future. I liked that I felt I would have a lot of responsibilities because I wanted to learn a lot and gain experience within the field of graphic design. I was also intrigued by designing custom stationery though it is much more challenging for me than I ever would have thought, but I am learning and trying my best. I love the feeling I get after I have accomplished something difficult and how much I have learned in just this short period of time. In the beginning, I would start with training videos and I took tons of notes on everything. Because I am working from home, I would take breaks to eat or throw the ball for my dog and then switch to doing tasks. I usually work best in the morning and that is when I am the most productive. Now, I am just focusing on getting the custom stationery done and figuring out the formatting, typography, design, and mockups. The people I have gotten to know best are Shanna and Emily. I love working with both of them. Shanna is very encouraging, but also straightforward and truthful about my work and ideas which I love. Emily is very easy to talk to and I have enjoyed all of our conversations so far and she gives me her opinion when I need it. Everyone else seems very nice, but sadly I have not been able to get to know them as much yet. Yes, gaining experience in any way is always helpful. I believe it is also important because it helps in figuring out what I want to do with my degree after college. This has given an insight into the wedding industry and whether or not I would want to pursue custom stationery design under my own graphic design business. The training courses I have taken have been very helpful and I know the information will be useful in the future. The amount I have learned about WordPress and plugins and SEO will be very useful as well.”

Copywriter Team

1. Eman Khalid

Eman Khalid is a copywriter intern for PRP Luxury Group and Pretty Business Solutions. Eman Khalid is a student at OU and is pursuing her degree in English Language and Literature. She is based in Kuwait. 

Interesting Fun Facts about Eman Khalid 

  1. Eman Khalid has been writing since the age of twelve.
  2. A book that made her fall in love with literature was the Goosebumps series. 
  3. Eman is addicted to pizza and chocolates. 

How has Eman’s experience been so far interning with PRP and PBS?

“I have never interned with a wedding planning service before, so interning with PRP and PBS had been a very educational experience for me so far and I am sure that it will be so too till the end of this semester. The one thing that intrigued me to intern with PRP was its uniqueness, and how it stood out to me from the rest of the brands on the internet. Since it is a remote internship, I can easily do it despite sitting in the other corner of the world. My favorite part about interning with PRP and PBS is the blog posts that we write. I am always looking forward to writing for both of these platforms. I pitch-in new ideas and my ideas are respected. I never felt like I was annoying Shanna whenever I’d ask her questions nor did she ever made me feel like I was not a good enough writer. My colleagues are all so amazing, and cooperative. This internship aligns perfectly with my future goals. I aspire to work as a writer and I believe the work experience gained during my time with PRP Luxury Group would prove to be extensively substantial for me.”

2. Ellen Dominy 

Ellen Dominy is a copywriting intern for PRP Luxury Group and also for Pretty Business Solutions. Ellen is pursuing her BA degree in English, Editing, Writing, and Media with a Minor in Communications from Florida State University. Ellen is based in Atlanta, GA. 

Interesting Fun Facts about Ellen Dominy

  1. Ellen is a huge lover of all things clothes and fashion and spends an obsessive amount of time online shopping. 
  2. She enjoys being active and living a healthy lifestyle. 
  3. Despite being originally from Atlanta, GA, Ellen one day hopes to move to South Florida after graduation because she despises the cold weather. 

How has Ellen’s experience been so far interning with PRP and PBS?

“I’ve actually learned a ton about weddings just from researching info for blog posts, such as the importance of color schemes, venues, and even the DJs you hire. I’ve also become more familiar with using WordPress. The spring intern team is really awesome and despite working remotely, I can still tell each of the interns has a passion for their respective positions. I really enjoy working in teams and it’s great to see the website and future magazine come together from our collaborative efforts. This internship & team has already given me great experience for whatever field I choose to work in after I graduate college. I’m interested in fashion and beauty so I thought PRP would be a perfect company to intern for, as well as a great way to showcase my writing skills via blog posts. My favorite part is researching more about each week’s blog topic so I can build my knowledge of the event planning industry. I find that really fascinating. I also enjoy our team Zoom meetings because it’s the only time the interns get to see each other’s faces! This internship reflects actual professional business communications via email, teamwork with colleagues, and also managing my own time independently. This intern experience is going to be extremely helpful in my future!”

We wish them the best of luck for their professional journeys and in whatever they aspire to pursue!