With the spread of COVID-19 and the implementation of lockdown in various countries, there has been a restriction on movements and activities for individuals globally. People are not able to celebrate their weddings as openly as they could before the pandemic.

Intimate weddings can be luxurious

If you’re someone who has had their wedding planned during the days when the deadly virus hit the world, you know how distressing it feels to cancel one’s wedding day plans. However, just because you have had the entire thing planned out and the pandemic turned each one of our lives upside down, does not mean you should cancel the plans for your big day. You can still celebrate your intimate wedding along with a few family friends and relatives. During the pandemic, many couples celebrated their intimate weddings and they turned out to be extensively successful and enjoyable! 

What is an Intimate Wedding?

An intimate wedding consists of guests range between 20 and 75 only. However, it can be more. Some couples host intimate weddings with as few as 6-7 guests. 

Are Intimate Weddings Worth it?

When it comes to conversing with your guests, spending time with your relatives, and spending less money on your weddings, and having an experience of a lifetime, intimate weddings are the best choice for you. Your guests will feel more at home at your wedding if they get a chance to interact with you more, and also if they get a chance to converse with other relatives in the wedding ceremony. 

Intimate Weddings – Your Special Day with Your Special Loved ones 


When it comes to intimate weddings, you’d get a chance to celebrate amongst the most vital and memorable days of your life with the special people in your life and create some beautiful memories together that you can cherish for a lifetime. 

Intimate weddings can be luxurious

Intimate Weddings – Creative and Luxurious 

As said before, intimate weddings can still be Luxurious. We at PRP Luxury group will help you arrange your intimate luxury wedding where you will get to make your wedding day enthralling and memorable! Does size matter when it comes to celebrating a luxury wedding? No! An intimate wedding means a smaller guest list. And a smaller guest list means a more creative option for venues. You can also spend more on fewer people. Whether it is arranging a five-course meal or renting a local band for your reception, intimate weddings have more benefits than you know! Creativity and luxury go hand-in-hand during intimate weddings. 

Should Have an Intimate Wedding?

If you are looking for a convenient way to make your wedding day more fun, and luxurious, hosting an intimate wedding is a perfect choice for you! If you planned to have your wedding this year and the uncertain times are making you question if you should really go on with your wedding and throw a ceremony or postpone it until the next year, then you shouldn’t cancel your plans! You can still have a memorable celebration along with your loved ones, friends, and family members in the form of an intimate luxury wedding!

Are you having second thoughts on whether you should have your intimate wedding during these unprecedented times? Are you hesitant in spending time, money, and efforts on establishing an intimate wedding on the most important day of your life? I’d say, just go for it! Having an intimate wedding along with a few of your close friends and loved ones will be the best decision that you’d take. Not only will it make your wedding day more memorable and beautiful, but it will also give you the opportunity to spend more time and dedication in decorating the small details of your intimately luxurious wedding.