A task that may not seem that hard until you have to do it, is making a wedding registry. We always seem to know what we want until we have the opportunity to ask for it. People are eager to gift you and your spouse, but the problem is deciding what exactly you want! Maybe you already have the toaster and want something a little more special. With this guide, you can get some ideas on what to ask for from friends and family.

Personalized Items

Now that it’s official, why not show off your new titles? Personalized items always make your living space feel more welcoming and warm. This can be anything from a welcome mat with your new last name on it to a cutting board with both of your names and the date of the wedding. Personalized items make things much more sentimental and also look good around the house. Think of something that may be good for everyday use and ask for it to be personalized!

Items Relating to Your Hobby

You can never go wrong with asking for a gift relating to your hobby. Rather that be cooking, decorating the house, cleaning, painting, reading, exercising, traveling, or watching sports, asking for something like this will definitely be put to good use. Think of something you and your partner enjoy doing together and an item that would relate to that.

Pictures Of You And Your Spouse

On top of asking for decorations for your living space, it is always nice to get pictures framed that capture your love. This will remind you of your loved one as you see it each time you walk by it. Other gifts may not last forever, but a picture gift captures a memory that now lives on forever.

These ideas steer from the traditional money and house type gifts, but instead add a personalized touch that will capture the love between you and your spouse. When thinking about what you want on your wedding registry, think of something that will bring you joy everytime you see it.