The moment has finally come between you and your significant other. You are engaged and getting ready for the big day. The one thing you must add to your check list are engagement photos. A very important memento to celebrate the love between the happy couple. There are many ways to go about your engagement photos, from location, outfits, poses, to even color scheme. If you are stuck with where to start, here you will find the best tips to help you start planning your beautiful engagement photos.


First off, location, location, location! It is the most important aspect of your engagement photos. Location is what will make your photos unique and fitted specifically to you and your partner. A good place to start is your favorite spot, or favorite place. It could be where you two first met, or where you two went on your first date. If neither of those were the absolute perfect spot, then consider a place that makes both of you happy. It could be the beach, or on a lakeside if you want to do it locally, out in the country such as a field filled of gorgeous wildflowers. Another famous spot, if you are a Disney lover, Disneyland or Disneyworld would be a wonderful place, since it is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”.


If you are uncertain about what to wear for your photos, be sure to pick outfits that are both flattering and comfortable. Wear an outfit that you both will feel confident in. If you don’t feel comfortable and confident, then your photos might not turn out exactly how you want them. Bring more than one outfit, preferably one dressy outfit, and one that is a little more casual. Also, coordinate colors. Fall time is a beautiful time to wear red or maroon colors. Lastly, wear white. One person, normally, will be wearing a white on the wedding day, so a perfect photo would either be a casual or a formal white outfit.


There are many poses to think about. Walking together hand in hand is a beautiful pose for both of you. Always show affection for one another, kissing, laughing, or smiling at each other while gazing into one another’s eyes. Eye contact is major in engagement photos. It really brings out the love you have for each other. Even pretend your photographer isn’t there. Candid photos always make the best photos and will bring out the best of you both. Make sure the poses feel natural to you and your partner. It will make for a better photograph. Mostly, just have fun! That is important in making your poses and photos have the best outcome.

Color Scheme

Colors really make your photos pop! Fall is a wonderful time to take photos because fall colors are beautiful on anyone. Maroon and dark green are two very popular colors to wear during the fall. Those colors aren’t too in your face but are wonderfully accented enough to make your photos really stand out. Christmas time is a big holiday for engagement photos. And what colors are involved in Christmas? Red and Green. Those colors both complement one another and look great in photos. One important color scheme is black and white. If one decides to wear a white outfit, formal or casual, in engagement photos, their significant other will look best in wearing black. The contrast with black and white is simple but will make the photos turn out to be quite exquisite.

Engagement Photo Shoot Examples

1.  A beach engagement photo shoot never goes wrong. The lighting during sunrise or sunset will make the genuine love between one another spring out of your photos. The warm and soft glow of the sun will brighten your love!

2.  For all the coffee lovers out there. What better way to roast your love together in a hot brew coffee shop photoshoot. The antique styles of coffee shops bring an oldie look engagement photos.

3.  By adding a pop of multiple colors to your shoot, it shows everyone the pop of love you have for one another. Love always!

4.   If you love anything Disney, then a photo shoot in front of Cinderella’s Castle will bring out any Disney fan. The couple can even dress up as their favorite Disney characters. In the photo above, the colors of Disney’s most iconic characters are displayed in their outfits as Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

5.   A lakeside photo will be the perfect escape away from the hectic busy life. Peaceful waters and beautiful winds will blow in the love.


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