Bridal showers can be difficult to plan. With such a wide array of ideas for this occasion, choosing the perfect theme is sometimes a tough decision. Adding more things to your agenda is probably the last thing you want when planning out an entire wedding celebration, but don’t worry– PRP has you covered. Below are several fun, creative, (and spring-themed!) bridal shower ideas that will make your bridal shower one that your friends and family will cherish for years.

 Spa Party

A DIY spa party themed bridal shower promotes interaction and allows your guests to get super creative. Set up a table outside with bath bomb materials, body scrub materials, or anything else spa-related and let everyone have fun making their own bath items. Guests will be able to take away something tangible from your bridal shower party while also getting to know each other during the process. Provide some colorful ingredients so your bridal crew can have a ton of unique options when creating their spa items. Check out Pinterest for some cute and simple DIY body scrub recipes!

Spa Bridal Shower Themes

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 Cocktail Party

Making your own cocktails with friends is always a fun time. Hire a bartender to show your guests how to make 2-3 tasty cocktails. Additionally, you can hold a contest where guests will team up to create the bride’s signature cocktail for her wedding, where the bride, of course, picks the winning cocktail. You or your bartender can provide ingredients for everyone and set up the party outdoors for a fun way to ring in the spring season. Making DIY cocktails is also great idea for your guests to boost their bartending knowledge and learn some new recipes.

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Makeover and Photoshoot Party

Another fun bridal shower idea is to hire a professional makeup artist or a stylist to give you and your guests a complete makeover! Then, have a photographer take you and your girls’ pictures in front of a cute photoshoot set. Makeovers are a super fun idea because they allow you to create a theme similar to your wedding’s to get everyone excited for the big day. Some fun springtime photoshoot ideas include dressing everyone in flower crowns, having guests dress in your favorite color, or customizing your very own bridal themed photo set. The pictures will last a lifetime and will surely capture memories of your journey to becoming married.

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Garden Gala

A garden gala is essentially an outdoor, garden themed bridal shower. Lots of rustic and wooden furniture are involved that can truly bring in nature’s beauty. Garden Galas are the quintessential spring bridal shower theme and often have white, light pink, or other pastel colored decor to compliment the wood. Greenery is also extremely important to make a beautiful garden gala. So, if your backyard is less than perfect, consider renting out a small venue outside near some beautiful foliage to really take this theme up a notch. Decorate with monochrome tablecloths, flowers, candles, and mood lighting to really set the ambiance for your guests!