There’s never been a better time to focus on what we’re grateful for. Since this past year it’s only become more prevalent how time with family and appreciating your loved ones should be cherished. So we’ll be sharing with you what we’re grateful for this year and how we’re getting ready for a holiday season that is gonna look a bit different. 

Good to be Grateful

Not everyone had the luxury of visiting their family this past weekend, which made Shanna even more grateful that her Thanksgiving was spent with her husband and sons. Following her family tradition, Shanna and her family enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving dinner, filled with peach cobbler, greens, cornbread dressing, and decadent sweet potato pie. The weekend was not without Shanna’s gumbo that they enjoyed on Saturday, but it was without some of her usual family traditions. In the past, Shanna and her family enjoyed time with parents, going to Orleans for the Bayou Classic, watching Grambling State University play Southern University, traditions that are near to Shanna and her family’s hearts. The absence of these traditions was felt, but it also gave time for Shanna to be thankful for the time she could spend with family and to look forward to the continuation of those traditions. 

Like many others, Shanna was most grateful for her family’s health. A lot of families have been impacted by this pandemic and our hearts go out to those whose holidays are feeling emptier this year. There’s never been a better time to show those you love how much they mean to you and to reach out to the people you know that have been hit hard this year, to offer your support and love during a time when they need it most. 

Time to Reflect

This year has offered a lot of hardships, but also given us the opportunity to reflect. Shanna took advantage of this time, using it to reflect over her life and business. “I took everything in my life and made a decision to put myself first. I’m working on living in my purpose and the moment.” 2021 will be a new year, where we can use everything that 2020 taught and threw at us to make for a better year (hopefully). 

“I took the time during this pandemic to get to know Shanna better.” – Shanna Boger

Looking Forward

With the holiday season only starting, we at least have some things to look forward to at the end of this year. Like many others, Shanna will be celebrating a small, intimate Christmas this year, choosing to keep her family safe and healthy, so that in 2021 her plans for a big celebration will not be interrupted. Shanna’s brother is already planning on helping their parents set up their iPad to the TV, for a virtual Christmas Eve party, Shanna will be shipping her parents gifts and games for a virtual fun-filled evening. 

Feel the Holiday Cheer

Pencil Christmas Tree

Shanna’s virtual plans aren’t stopping this event planner from spreading the Christmas cheer all throughout her home. Shanna’s favorite place to shop for decorations is the Decorator’s Warehouse in Arlington, Texas. The atmosphere of the store alone will get you in the holiday mood and like Shanna, you’ll have difficulty leaving the store at all. Shop online at for a safe and festive holiday season! 

Shanna won’t leave you hanging this holiday, she has plenty of holiday hacks to get your home ready. If you have limited space, she recommends using a pencil christmas tree. It’s small size makes it perfect for any compact space and makes it even easier to decorate. If you crave a lavish table for your holiday meals, but don’t have an eye for decorating, check out our blog on Posh Couture Rentals and see how a rental company can offer everything you need and more for a stylish holiday season. Visit their website to see how you can have a fabulous table setting that even virtual guests will admire. 

Frasier Fir by Thyme

No holiday decorations are complete without the savory scents of the holidays smelt throughout the air. There is no better way to get into the holiday season more than the scent of pines, gingerbread, and fresh fires. My new personal favorite is the Frasier Fir scent, created by Thymes, check out all their holiday scents at their website 

Check out more of Shanna’s holiday must-haves below, to make sure this season is one with smiles.

Enjoy the Moment

Whether you’re able to spend the holidays with a close circle of friends or family, or will just be enjoying it with your household, there are plenty of activities to make sure that you’ll still feel the holiday cheer. Have a pajama night with your favorite holiday movies on, make some hot cocoa with your holiday music on replay, take turns with those you are with making different holiday dishes and drinks. And ultimately, take this time and enjoy each other, listen to each other and love each other, because that’s what this season is all about.