While it’s easy to get brides excited about wedding planning details, we can’t leave the gentlemen out. Many aspects of wedding planning might seem too feminine for some men to get excited about, but that doesn’t mean the groom can’t have his own fun. Introducing a beautifully paired cigar and cognac duo allows for the groom and his groomsmen to commemorate the big day in a way that is unique to them. We talked to Jon Harrington, owner of Torch Cigar Bar located in Phoenix, Arizona, to find out what makes cigars such great celebratory tools. 

Jon Harrington (left)

Sit Back, Relax, and Puff

Jon was introduced to the idea of starting a cigar bar by his buddy that owns one in Chandler, Puro Cigar Bar. Jon wanted the ambience, or ecosystem as he calls it, to be first class, making it welcoming to all types of clientele, especially women. Thanks to his wife, he installed a “beast of a ventilation system” that allowed guests the scent of smoking outdoors and the experience of an indoor cigar bar. 

Cigars and cognac are tastes that are not for everyone, which is why Jon created a user-friendly sticker system for his clientele. Green is the go ahead sticker, meaning the cigar is perfect for anyone who is just trying them out. Yellow calls for more caution, these cigars are more robust, making them perfect to pair with any whiskey, wine, or cognac. Don’t touch the red stickers unless you know what you’re doing and don’t go near them unless you have a full belly. 

The care Jon takes in labelling the cigars, shows how precarious cigar smoking can be, with the right pairing it can be a fun and relaxing experience, bite off more than you can chew and your celebration will end early.

Cigars are for Celebrating

Wedding days can flash by in a second, which is why it’s important for the bride and groom to allow themselves time to breathe and take in the moment. Cigars are perfect to do that. “They can take up to two hours to smoke, so there’s no rushing and that leads to dialog.” Allowing the bridal party to take a moment and soak up the day, surrounded by deep, rich aromas, that when paired with the perfect cognac make for a special moment all in itself. And allowing the groom to go cigar and cognac tasting to find their own perfect pairing, is a great way to get them excited for the countless vendor meetings. 

The celebratory power of cigars is shown in the events hosted at Torch Cigar Bar. The bar hosts many “remember when” events, including one on 9/11 where they hosted American Legion #44 and took part enjoying a $1200 cigar. The joy of celebrating with a cigar is highlighted by the many professional athletes that call themselves members of Torch Cigar Bar. “The recall of the athletes that come into Torch is astounding. This pitch, that play…they remember everything. Same thing at a wedding, right?” Cigars allow you to stop and look back on the day or important memories, relaxing and talking about the good times and the better times to come.

 “If Super Bowl, NBA, NHL and World Series Champions grab a nice cigar to celebrate, wouldn’t it make sense that you did as well?” – Jon Harrington

Celebrate your big day like the hall of fame champions, with the aromatic scent and crisp taste of a cigar and cognac pairing. It’s your day and you deserve to live it like a king! To get your own taste of cigar and cognac pairings, visit their website torchcigarbar.com and their Instagram @torchcigarbar to find your own perfect pairing. Check out Torch Cigar Bar yourself and hey, maybe you’ll enjoy a nice red with a professional!