A wedding is only as successful as the vendors, and food is a major component to the atmosphere for your wedding. The tastes, scents, and presentation all play a part in controlling the theme of your wedding, which is why couples take such care in carefully crafting a menu that will leave their guests dreaming of it for weeks. To find out how to create the perfect menu for your luxury wedding, we talked to Chef Tim King. 

Chef Tim King

Tim King is a renowned chef and the owner of Statis Catering, located in the DFW area. His career as a culinary artist began when he worked his way up from banquet cook to Sous chef at the famous Mar-a-lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. His talents took him all over the country, allowing him to share his tastes in Virginia, New Jersey, and North Carolina. With his company, Statis Catering, you can now taste his food yourself by booking him for your luxury event, or even a romantic private dinner through his private chef services. 

King’s experience working at private clubs meant he had to cater to some of the toughest critics, including celebrities, politicians, and international travelers. Making him not only a professional in the catering industry, but one of the best sources with insider knowledge to help you cater the luxury event of the season. 

Love in the Heart, Happiness in the Stomach

Weddings are already special events, watching a couple take the biggest step in their relationship is beautiful, but that doesn’t mean that the food you serve isn’t important. To King, the food is just as important as the wedding itself. Whether your wedding decor is minimal or that coming out of a magazine, food will always be a staple at important events. 

Weddings take many different parts and combine them to create a once in a lifetime experience. This means that when choosing your menu, you have to consider different aspects of your event. Venues are incredibly important to chefs when curating a menu for your event. King notes that when clients are unwilling to pay the cost of creating an onsite kitchen, it requires more creativity and flexibility on his part. 

King believes that “the food should play off the ambience and decor of the venue, the vision of the couple, and the expertise of the planner and florist. Sexy venue settings should be complemented with sexy plated cuisine in addition to beautiful table presentations.” 

Catering to YOU

Fancy chicken hors d’oeuvre

When hired to cater for a wedding, King is responsible for helping his clients pick the best menu for their event. The most important thing for him to know to make that happen is the budget and preferences of the couple. In his opinion, one of the worst things any chef could do is offer a menu full of wedding selections that are either outside their clients preferences or budget. Which then forces the client to settle for second-best ideas that don’t compare to the original menu presented. 

Designing the perfect menu for a wedding is not without its complications. He needs to work within the confines of their budget and preferences, and that includes dietary restrictions. When designing a vegan friendly menu, he employs two of his favorite options: Vegetable Wellington, in a golden baked pastry dough with eggplant, squash, tomatoes, and a red pepper coulis, and a Vegetable Paella with Arborio rice saffron, peas, peppers, and asparagus. Guaranteeing his clients that no guest will leave without experiencing a dish to remember. 

Once his clients’ preferences are nailed down, his creativity ensues to create the perfect menu. His creativity can only run so far inside specific preferences, but it fully unleashes for the clients who consider themselves risk takers. His wide variety of experience means he is capable of more than the chicken or steak option present at most weddings. When encouraged by his clients, he will take the menu as far as the budget allows, designing a menu that is truly one-of-a-kind, just like your wedding should be. 

In his own words, “I think of it as a music writer and I listen to their story, then execute their vision.” 


Surf & Turf

King’s inspiration for his cooking is motivated by watching other chefs push the culinary limits to reinvent traditional dishes into a truly unique and delicious creation of their own. That inspiration is only reinforced when he sees his own creations designed by him and his team enjoyed by his clients. 

King has worked with a variety of cuisines, but when asked what his favorite food to serve at a wedding was, he notes that there is something special about a beautifully plated seafood dish that leaves the guests talking about the food for days. And as long as the presentation and the caliber of the taste is spot on, King believes every dish is a win for weddings. 

However, King is a strong believer in embracing the season that the wedding is set in. “It would be senseless to create a menu using watermelon salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, and a citrus vinaigrette in the winter.” The blasphemy! And if there is one thing he has learned while working as a chef, it is to never offer multiple choices of sides on a plated wedding dinner a la minute. 

Get Hungry

Get inspired, and hungry, by checking out Tim Kings’ Statis Catering for your next event. Visit their website Statis Catering and Instagram: @chef_timking to see more of their delicious creations. A luxurious event requires luxury food service. Stay tuned with the PRP website to hear from other expert wedding vendors and get inspired for your big day!