As the ‘Few of My Favorite Vendors’ series takes us through the many necessary planning steps to execute a luxury wedding, we wanted to include some vendors that, while not seeming crucial to the wedding planning, will elevate your event to the highest level. As of this year, one of the top wedding trends is hiring an artist to capture your wedding in the moment with a gorgeous painting, and the trend is only growing in popularity. 

While professional photographers capture snapshots throughout the big day that allow you to look back and remember those special moments, a live wedding painter captures the ambience of your wedding in a beautiful piece of artwork completely original to you that you’ll cherish forever. To give you more information about this rising trend, we talked to Natalie Pheifer, an artist who works for Snap Chic Wedding Painting based in San Antonio.

Natalie Pheifer

Impressions That Last

Natalie always had a creative mind but it wasn’t until she started teaching classes at Painting with a Twist that she found a true calling for “abstract speed painting”. Snap Chic Wedding Painting caters to more than just weddings, Natalie has also been hired for Quinceneras and corporate events. When asked what made a painting of the event so special, as opposed to sticking with only a photographer, Natalie replied that “Live painting is an old world tradition that creates a timeless treasure for the couples to keep and pass down from generation to generation.” 

What makes these paintings so unique is all in the planning. By studying the details planned out by the couple, Natalie gets an idea of the couples personality and vision for their wedding, that she then uses to capture the atmosphere of the event. It also doesn’t hurt that Natalie holds a BA for Interior Design, allowing her to excel at capturing the architectural detail in the venues. 

Made For You

If you’re familiar with art, then you’re aware of the many different styles that artwork can come in. Snap Chic Wedding Painting specializes in acrylic paintings on canvas, but the style is designed by the artist and client. “We try to customize the style to each client’s preference, some are more abstract and others are more detailed and realistic.” Natalie plans out the painting through sketches made before the event, allowing clients a glimpse of what the final piece will look like. Through colors and details, Natalie captures the mood and emotion of the scene she is painting to forever remind clients of the joy felt that day. 

The scene that is painted is entirely up to the couple, however Natalie shared that the most popular scenes captured are the ceremony exit and first kiss. The first dance is also very popular, as well as couples choosing for an intimate painting of themselves to be portrayed. With these moments only lasting minutes or even seconds, Natalie has to spend hours preparing. She usually starts about 1-2 hours before the ceremony and can then spend up to 8 hours until she finishes, all depending on the size and style the couple wants. 

Love That Lasts

By the end of the event, the painting is viewed by the couple and their closest friends and family, who are able to revel in the love captured by the artist. It’s Natalie’s favorite part of her job, seeing “The love and happiness that is brought to the couple and their friends and family seeing their painting being made.” 

These detailed paintings that freeze one of the happiest moments of your life will be treasured forever, a painting that you’ll want hanging in the front of your home for everyone to see. Let Natalie and Snap Chic Wedding Paintings capture the love in your relationship by visiting their website and check out their Instagram: @snapchicweddingpainting to view the gallery of love-filled moments.