Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a wedding. It takes a team to create the wedding of your dreams and that requires the help of many different vendors, which is why we’ll be spending the next few weeks interviewing some of our favorite wedding vendors! Starting off the series with the most important piece of the puzzle, the wedding planner. I had the chance to interview PRP’s luxury wedding planner and event designer Shanna Boger, to find out what it takes to help clients make their dream wedding a reality. 

Despite Shanna’s mother being a wedding planner herself, she ran away from following in her mother’s footsteps, earning a degree and career in accounting. However, that didn’t stop her creative side from pushing through. What started as designing invitations for friends and family’s events, quickly turned into Pink Rose Petals Couture Stationary in 2006, which eventually evolved into PRP Luxury Group in 2015. 

                        Behind the Scenes of PRP

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Shanna grew up spending her weekends assisting her mother in setting up wedding events and finalizing floral designs, and yet it took her own journey to realize that wedding planning was her calling. When it became time to plan her own wedding, Shanna had no one better to call on than her mother. Looking back on her wedding day, Shanna realized how lucky she was to have her mother fulfill the role of wedding planner and floral designer. She talked to her mother about her wedding daily, giving her mother all the information and more to create the perfect wedding for her daughter. Her mother admits that she was glad when it was all over, but Shanna couldn’t be more grateful to have a professional there to think of everything that she didn’t. 

Just a Spoonful of Sugar…and a Lot More

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, but when dedicated to designing luxury weddings, a wedding planner can do nothing less than their best. Shanna’s first step with her clients is learning their personalities. What they like, what they don’t like, what they must have, what they want to avoid, and why. Most important to Shanna however, is learning their love story, this is what truly helps her plan and design their wedding because “it must be unique to them”. 

Aside from developing ideas from their love story, a crucial element to successful wedding planning is time. On average, Shanna’s couples usually book her planning services between 6-12 months in advance, but Shanna recommends booking 12-18 months in advance for luxury weddings. This leaves couples enough time to get over their Pinterest excitement and really figure out what is important to them as a couple, while also giving them enough time to book high-demand vendors. 

Starting the planning journey 18 months in advance seems like a long time to focus on a wedding, but Shanna encourages her clients to try and experience everything they think they want for their wedding, and that requires time. About 4-6 months before the wedding date, Shanna plans a date night for the couple with a private chef. She wants to encourage the couples to take time off from planning, to enjoy each other and this time in their life.

 “The wedding planning is the beginning of their journey to a life of love, joy, and happiness. Most of all they are learning to become one” –Shanna Boger. 

A wedding planner is there to make the process a million times easier for couples, and Shanna emphasizes that by taking on the majority of the wedding planning load. It’s her job to keep clients energized and inspired throughout the process, to guarantee that the initial excitement from the proposal carries them to their wedding day. 

Decisions Made Easy

With so many different decisions to make when planning a wedding, I asked Shanna what came easier than others. She notes that the venue is usually the easiest and first decision made, most couples already have a venue picked out before booking Shanna, or at least an idea. The design phase is a different story, this is what Shanna notices is the toughest phase for couples. To make it easier for her clients, she encourages couples to stop looking at Pinterest and allow her to create a design that represents them as a couple. Shanna finds that by the second design meeting, most of her clients are on board and excited to see the design mockup. 

Two weeks before the wedding day, Shanna takes the couples on their final walk through, taking them through the venue with the final floor plans and designs. It’s at this moment that Shanna witnesses a flood of emotions take over the couples, when they realize that the day they’ve been anticipating for months is finally here. 

The process of planning a luxury wedding is a long journey, and hiring a wedding planner guarantees that the journey can be spent focusing on your love for one another. A luxury wedding planner knows how to design a luxury wedding, schedule a discovery call with Shanna today and let her showcase your love story! 

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