The ambience of weddings are truly magical and a lot of that magic stems from the design. As mentioned in the previous blog post where we interviewed Shanna Boger, the design phase of wedding planning is often the most difficult. With so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming deciding what linens, chairs, and tabletop items to use to create the beautiful scene. We talked with our friend and sales rep, Jordan Ugalde, who is a Senior Sales Stylist at POSH Couture Rentals to give you more information on how to beautifully decorate your wedding in a style original to you! 

Jordan Ugalde, Senior Sales Stylist at POSH Couture Rentals

POSH Couture Rentals is a full-service rental company that can provide all your wedding needs, from tables and chairs, to linens and decor, and even kitchen equipment. While focusing on the flowers and color schemes might be the most fun, there is a lot that needs to go into the design to make the decor come together to create that magical landscape. 

Decor Designed For You

The first step in POSH’s design process is getting to know their client. They encourage clients to bring all their design inspiration with them, including Pinterest photos, mood boards, and every magazine page they’ve bookmarked. This allows them to see what their client values most from an event aspect, whether it’s lighting, floral arrangements, or the little details that make table decor pop! 

When planning a wedding, most couples take into consideration the season the event is taking place in. Choosing colors and flowers that are found in the nature of the season, but POSH encourages clients to focus on their own style no matter what season they are in. Whether it’s a fun color or bright pattern, clients will be happiest if the decor reflects more off their style than the season. 

Aside from the clients’ taste, the stylists at POSH heavily consider the venue when helping them decide what rentals to purchase. “Each venue has its own style, it’s own flair” Jordan Ugalde. They emphasize picking a venue that has the structural elements that match what clients envision for their event. By picking a venue that is on track with the design couples want, the design process is already half-way finished for them. POSH stylists can then help the couples bring out the aesthetic of the venue through china, flatware, and other tabletop items. 

The Setup

Flipping through magazines and scrolling through Pinterest for decor ideas shows you just how detailed table decor can be. Elaborate designs require a lot of work for rental businesses, so POSH recommends reserving 1-2 hours before the event for them to set up. Table decor is what your wedding guests will look at the most, so you want to make sure that you put in as much effort in table design, as you do everything else. 

“Your table design is the heart of your event and will speak volumes to your guests from the moment they sit down. Pay attention to detail and make sure what you select is telling your story how you want it told to your guests.” – Jordan Ugalde, POSH Couture Rentals

Your luxury event deserves luxurious details and POSH Couture Rentals will go above and beyond to help you visually share your love story.

To see more of their table decor and designs, check out their Instagram: @poshcouturerentals and learn more about the POSH team and their services at their website