With your venue booked and your wedding planner hard at work, it’s time to decide who will capture those precious moments throughout your big day, the photographer. While the memories of this important day will stay with you forever, having professional shots of those monumental events and the heartwarming moments in between will be treasured by you and your loved ones always.

Tashina Calhoun, Owner & Lead Photographer of Ada Lee Photography

As a once in a lifetime event, you want to be confident that the photographer you chose will get those shots that bring tears to your eyes for years to come. We interviewed professional photographer Tashina Calhoun of Ada Lee Photography in the DFW area, to find out what it takes to capture such intimate events.

One Shot

Unlike many other forms of photography, wedding photographers have to be present at all times. They get only one shot to capture the perfect photo of moments that can pass by in seconds. It’s for this reason that Tashina strongly emphasizes going with an experienced photographer. Her work requires her to anticipate the flow of the wedding and where she needs to be to snap those split second moments, and that talent only grew from her experience. And although the wedding is centered around one couple, she has to always be mindful of family members and important guests throughout the day, “There’s nothing worse than having a bride and groom go back on their day and not have all of their family represented in photos.” Again, this is where experience comes importantly into play, to guarantee that no guest goes unphotographed.

While keeping tabs on the stars of the show, Tashina must also be cognizant of the setting she is shooting in. Many weddings feature both indoor and outdoor events, meaning that Tashina has to constantly be aware of the lighting and her camera settings to make sure that every photo comes out perfect. Tashina especially had to develop her photography skills in low lighting, to assure that each photo truly shined all on its own.

With the amount of weddings Tashina has captured, and venues she’s experienced, I couldn’t help but ask what venue was her favorite to shoot at. She mentions that while Dallas has a plethora of gorgeous wedding venues, the architecture and detail of Knotting Hill is something she has recently been in love with.

Lights, Camera, Details!

This blog series sheds light as to how much detail and effort each vendor puts into their clients’ big day, and Tashina sees that in the detail that is so heavily invested into the decor. She wants to make sure that the effort poured into the event is showcased through the photos, from elaborate table decor, to intricate flower designs in the brides bouquet. Tashina always makes sure to get a shot of the venue and the tables before the event truly starts, to capture the atmosphere of the wedding before it’s filled with love and laughter.

Intricate details are not only found in the decor, but all the precious moments prior to the wedding. There is so much happening behind the scenes before the ceremony, moments of excitement, nervousness, and anticipation that Tashina loves to capture to memorialize the emotions felt before couples take this step to become one. Tashina shared that one of her favorite moments to capture is the joy and excitement on the couples face as they walk down the aisle as husband and wife.

“There’s nothing else like that moment of them after the first kiss” – Tashina Calhoun.

Capturing Their Love

Every love story is different and that individuality needs to be captured by the photographer. Tashina accomplishes this by getting to know her clients before the big day, what’s important to them and what they feel comfortable with to guarantee that their photos not only capture the events, but the love in between. She finds that many couples enjoy the first look photos the most; seeing the look on their partner’s face as well as their own when they see each other for the first time on the biggest day of their lives.

Let Tashina capture the special moment in your life by visiting her website Adaleephotography.com and take a look at the important events she’s memorialized forever on her instagram: @adaleephotography! Don’t forget to stay tuned with the PRP Blog to hear from a wedding videographer this week!