A gorgeous venue and thoughtful design fall into the background once the beautiful bride steps into the scene. Every detail is there to celebrate the couple and illustrate their love story as it hits the crescendo and makeup is one of those tools which does so. As the star of the show, the bride’s makeup needs to highlight the beauty already there and last throughout an emotional day. To find out the secrets to that everlasting beauty, we interviewed professional makeup artist LaNisha Nazon, owner of Soft Glamour Beauty based in the DFW area. 

Makeup Artist LaNisha Nazon

Soft Glamour Beauty provides all the services a bride could ever need, from bridal preview and consultation, to bridal party makeup services, and of course post ceremony touches. On a bride’s special day, they want to look their absolute best and have that look last, which is why wedding makeup services require much more than just executing the initial look.

Prep For Success

A painting is only as successful as the canvas allows, which is why prepping the skin for the big day is so important. During the consultation, an esthetician who is a member of the Soft Glamour Beauty team, performs a skin analysis on the bride to curate a skin routine customized for the bride that will guarantee flawless skin for the big day. The esthetician will also provide facials for the brides whose skin needs a little more love. 

When the day finally arrives, LaNisha takes great care in prepping the skin before applying any makeup. The elements might not be working in LaNisha’s favor, so she creates a strong barrier on the skin before foundation, as well as a final barrier once everything has been applied, to solidify a look that lasts through the tears and sweat. LaNisha also uses a lot of waterproof makeup, especially around the eyes to assure the bride can cry as much as she pleases throughout the night without sacrificing the glamour.

Enhancing What God Gave You

The world of makeup offers endless possibilities for different looks to create and transform, but LaNisha focuses on enhancing the beauty of the bride already visible. Her favorite style of makeup is soft glam, “soft glam is timeless and glamorous at the same time.” Soft glam allows for the bride’s natural beauty to shine through in an effortless manner. LaNisha also revealed that her favorite celebrity bridal look was Gabrielle Union, whose subtle look beautifully complimented the elation in her smile. 

When working with the bride to decide what look she wants for her wedding, LaNisha asks about the dress and hairstyle the bride is going with, as well as the color and theme the bride wants to accomplish with her makeup. This allows her to envision the look the bride wants to achieve while allowing her to design an original look perfect for the bride. If the bride has no clue what style she wants for her makeup, then there is no need to worry. LaNisha will work with the bride using customized Pinterest boards to allow the bride to start visualizing what she wants her own look to achieve. LaNisha makes sure to use her expertise to guide the bride to a makeup look that won’t conflict with the theme, season, and time of the wedding. LaNisha’s favorite season to create wedding looks in is fall, “I love the rich tones that most brides select for their looks during this season.” 

The beauty of the bride on her big day shines all on its own, but the enhancement by professionals promises a bride so beautiful, no one will be able to take their eyes off her. Let LaNisha and her team create the timeless look for your wedding by visiting their website Softglamourbeauty.com to read more about their services, and witness the beauty they create on their Instagram: @softglamourbeauty.