A bride is only deemed ready when her perfect makeup look is accented by a gorgeous hairstyle, to create a look that is nothing less than show stopping. We learned on Monday what it takes to execute a flawless makeup look from makeup artist LaNisha Nazon at Soft Glamour Beauty, and seeing as they offer hair services as well, we continued our conversation with Jasmine Butler, a hairstylist at Soft Glamour Beauty to get all the beauty secrets for a beautiful, effortless-looking bride! 

Up or Down? 

There are endless styles available to choose from when it comes to picking a hairstyle for your big day, and with so many options it can become dizzying for a bride to choose which one is right for her. Which is why the number one question Jasmine asks her clients is for pictures, pictures, and more pictures. “Words can be misinterpreted. What’s considered short to one person may be long to another. A picture literally says 1,000 words.” By picking out some of your favorite hairstyle looks and sending them to your hairstylist, the stylist is able to see what look you are trying to achieve and also what you value in a hairstyle, whether it’s length, accessories, or simplicity. 

The first decision to make when deciding on hairstyle, is whether you want it up or down. To help clients make that decision, Jasmine likes to know what kind of dress the bride will be wearing. A strapless or off-the-shoulder gown is best complimented by either an all down look or half-up half-down look, to highlight the skin you’re showing off. If the bride is wearing a gown with sleeves or more coverage, she suggests a beautiful up-do, with a few loose pieces of hair hanging down for garnishment. The dress, makeup, and hair are all working together in the end, so it’s best to make sure they fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Jasmine’s preference? A classic half-up, half-down style to give the bride the best of both worlds. 

Hair that Works for YOU

Just like with makeup, the recipe for success is all in the preparation. Jasmine works with many different hairstyles and textures, meaning they all have their own set of rules, but the one tip she could offer to all is to get a Keratin Treatment a week before the big day, giving your hair the appearance of perfect shine and health. And as someone who has received a Keratin Treatment before, all I can say to this tip is, yes!

The hairstyle doesn’t have to speak for itself when there is the option for accessories. Most brides like to accessorize with the classic veil, but you don’t have to stop there. Jasmine’s favorite hair accessory is any piece that is accented with pearls or bling, bringing a whole new level of luxury to your hair. 

The Trends to Follow

Hairstyle trends are constantly changing, so we asked what trends Jasmine was noticing that are happening right now. Currently, she has received a lot of requests for a more simplistic style. Simply using loose curls or waves and their veil to finish off their bridal look. She’s also noticed a soft braid that sweeps to the side as a popular trend as well. Jasmine’s  favorite hairstyle for weddings is the classic chignon, a timeless look that will never go out of style. 

Just like our interview with LaNisha, we had to ask what Jasmine’s favorite celebrity wedding hairstyle is. Her answer, NeNe Leakes, the iconic reality TV star from Real Housewives of Atlanta. “The striking blonde and golden tones were a statement, but the look was sealed with soft classic waves, crowned with a beautiful gold halo style headband.” The old-fashioned waves looked beautiful on NeNe and the hair color popped just as much as her dress did. 

No matter the style or color you go with on your big day, meeting with a professional hair stylist to try the look beforehand is crucial. Guaranteeing that on your wedding day, you’ll be nothing less than confident that you’ll be the gorgeous star of the show. Visit softglamourbeauty.com to hear more about their services and give them a follow on Instagram @softglamourbeauty to see more flawless wedding looks they’ve created!