As this series takes us along the many different vendors needed for the ultimate wedding, it highlights how important each element is to fulfill the wedding you’ve pictured since you were little. There are plenty of major decisions to be made throughout the engagement and we’re starting off the week talking about the next big decision to be made in the planning process, the music. To give us the best insight on how to choose the right music for your big event, we interviewed Lance Panton, an award winning DJ based in the DFW area. As a DJ ranked amongst the top 5% of wedding professionals in the nation, there is no one better to give you the information you need to fill your wedding with the beautiful sound of music. 

DJ Lance Panton

More Than Just Aux

When deciding who is going to curate the sounds of your event, the first major decision is whether to go with a DJ or a live band. However, Lance notes that live music is an acquired taste. While there are endless options for incredible live entertainment, you have to be sure that the live band you scheduled will fulfill all your musical needs. You may like how the band sings their own songs, or if they kill any Chris Brown track, but if you want a variety of music, a live band might limit you. Lance suggests scheduling live bands if you normally prefer live tracks, if you enjoy studio versions more, then a DJ is the right way to go. 

You must also keep in mind that whoever you’re choosing to control the music of your event, also has to play the bigger role of Master of Ceremonies. The MC has to know when to transition the music, as well as the key events during receptions, like cutting the cake, parent dances, toasts, and more. Lance describes a good MC like a good GPS, they know where to lead the event. 

The most important role a DJ plays is the “musical storyteller”, it’s up to Lance to translate the love story of the couple into music. There are multiple components to a wedding celebration, like any good story, as Lance describes. The cocktail hour sets the mood, while dinner is a vibe all in itself, and of course, the finale. 

“The DJ and the dance floor are the very last thing your wedding guests will experience, You better make it count” – Lance Panton.

Feel the Beat

Everyone’s music taste is different, so it’s up to Lance to first define the taste of his clients. He spends the majority of cocktail hour and dinner as the setting to share the couples’ musical love story, that way, when it’s time to dance he can shift the pace to an unforgettable party. Lance encourages his clients to be musically selfish, putting their own tastes first before considering what their guests might enjoy. Ultimately, as a professional, Lance’s clients trust him to fill the event with the perfect sounds, pulling from his own taste and judgment to “create a flawless wedding celebration.”

When asked what songs he noticed wedding guests dancing to the most, he notes that it truly depends on the couple and their guests. “I find that it’s not what you play, it’s when and how you play it. Much like cooking, you can start with a great entree. However, did you prep it right? Did you cook it at the right temperature? Did you season it? It’s the same with music.” Lance’s detail describing how to set the right mood for wedding celebrations, shows just how much care DJ’s put into these sets. This is a moment you’ll remember for the rest of your life and having the right sounds accompany the event, will make it all the more memorable. 

Listen & Love

The music that will be played at your wedding is ultimately up to you, but having a professional you can trust guarantees an event that will leave your guests’ feet feeling sore. Lance leaves behind his personal taste at the door and utilizes his musical experience and acumen to curate the wedding event of a lifetime. 

“My joy in what I’m playing is a direct reflection of what I see on the other side of the booth” – Lance Panton. 

Schedule Lance Panton for your wedding ceremony, or social event by visiting his website and Instagram: @mydfwdj and have your big day MC’d by an award winning DJ! Stay tuned with the PRP website to hear from more wedding vendor extraordinaires!