Your wedding will first and foremost be the most important party of all, but the engagement party is a perfect way to celebrate the exciting news of your proposal. The party is a good opportunity to practice those planning skills. It is fairly similar to the wedding itself, as a guest list, gifts, invitations, decorations, etc. are all part of the planning process. The engagement party comes before all the other fun festivities included in a wedding like the wedding shower, the bachelor and or bachelorette parties, rehearsal dinners, and anything else a couple wants to add to their pre-wedding fun. If you are stumped on throwing an engagement party, here you will find some helpful tips to get you started.

Hosts of the Party

In a traditional setting, the bride’s parents host the engagement party, but in these more modern times, anyone can host the party. There is no rule or law that says otherwise. Both sets of parents of the couple can throw the party if they please to do so. Friends of the couple can throw the party. Even the own couple can throw the party. No particular person is set to throw the party. As long as there is a wonderful cheese board, or let’s face it, food in general, anyone can throw it and people will show up.


When the Party should be

Again, there is no specific rule for this one either. Whoever is throwing the party can have it whenever they would like, but typically the engagement party is a few months after the couple gets engaged or a few months before the wedding. This party isn’t as important as all the others, but a guest list does need to be created and invitations will need to be sent out. So, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan it.



The Guest List

Only invite those that you are inviting to the wedding. You can’t invite someone to the engagement party and not to the wedding. It seems self-explanatory, but it happens. Not everyone at the wedding needs to be at the engagement party. Try and keep it simple. Narrow it down to you and your partners family, and closest friends of the couple. The engagement party is a smaller event anyways.



 What to do

It is customary to wish the couple lots of happiness, but to keep the guests happy during the engagement party, it’s best to have a few game ideas in mind. It would be fun for everyone involved.
A common game that has become very popular between couples is the shoe game. It’s when the happy couple sits facing away from one another and they swap a shoe, so they’re holding one of their own shoes and their partners shoes. Ask them questions and then they hold up the shoe of the person they believe fits the question.
A way that gets everyone involved is having a photo op planned. Stake out a good place to put up a few banners, or a backdrop with balloons, etc. Something fun everyone likes to do is take photos and have memories. Throw in some props to make it even more fun.
No matter what you do, there has to be at least one toast at the end of the party to the happy couple. Wish them a lifetime of happiness in their future journey together.


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