We had the opportunity to chat with  local beauty expert

Jennifer Trotter the owner and principal artist of Lip Service Makeup

to learn more about what brides need to know about choosing a bridal beauty team.

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Shanna – Hi Jennifer! Tell us how you got started as a makeup artist….

Jennifer – I fell into makeup artistry by chance! I modeled in college, which led to some speaking roles, local commercials and a stint hosting a cable TV show.  I’d always been into makeup, but during these years I perfected my on-camera look.  This resulted in one of my production companies reaching out to book me as a makeup artist on a commercial shoot in Arizona. This was my first paid gig!  It was 29 years ago.

Shanna – Wow, you’ve been at this a long time!  How did you wind up getting into the world of bridal beauty?

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Jennifer – I focused on commercial work for 5 or 6 years, and then a few of my friends and business contacts started getting married so I did their weddings. Gradually, I started doing more and more weddings as onsite artistry became more popular.  I LOVE working with brides!! I love the problem-solving, the personal connections, the teamwork with other wedding vendors and creating fresh bridal looks for our clients.  Now all these years later Lip Service has become one of the largest teams in town with 17 artists/stylists on staff performing multiple weddings each week.  We still do commercial work, head shots, and a wide variety of hair and makeup gigs, but bridal is our focus.

Shanna – I think we can all agree the wedding industry is pretty unique.  What qualities do you think a successful bridal beauty artist needs to have?

Jennifer – GREAT question, as bridal beauty really is different! Our team does makeup AND hair, but in the interest of keeping this focused, for now we’ll talk about makeup.  These days so many girls are really into makeup…watching YouTube, buying every product they can, tutorial after tutorial and some people become quite skilled at their own makeup.  Let’s repeat that…their OWN makeup.  Bridal beauty is all about creating beautiful, customized looks on ALL types of faces! Each person has a unique skin tone, face shape, eye shape, skin texture….and that’s even before you tackle stylistic issues like colors, naturally enhanced looks, dramatic looks, and variances for different cultural preferences.  A great bridal makeup artist needs to have confidence and experience with everyone and everything and have a well-stocked kit to address every person who sits in their chair. Next, you need superior listening and customer service skills, the ability to work under a timeline and intense pressure…. all while making conversation and creating a relaxed and fun atmosphere.


Shanna – Wow, that’s a long list!  What other special skills do bridal artists need to have?

Jennifer- You need the ability to figure out what someone really wants, even if they’re having a hard time explaining it! It’s also important to know the right products and techniques so that makeup lasts all night long and all the way until the last kiss. You also need lots of patience, and the ability to put aside your own issues so you can be joyful and pleasant…. it’s not ok to be a cranky pants on someone’s big day.

Shanna – So interesting…. it’s really about how your bride feels as much as it is about looking fabulous, isn’t it? 

Jennifer – Definitely!! Your beauty team sets the tone for your whole day….an experienced and reputable team like ours will get everyone done beautifully and on time.

Shanna – That’s great advice for brides searching for a team, that’s for sure! Before we wrap up, we’d like to know what are some of the current trends you’re seeing in bridal beauty right now?

Jennifer – Truly anything goes right now, and I do love that…. our brides choose a wide variety of looks from romantic, to glam, to boho and everything in between.  Here in Dallas/Fort Worth I’m seeing a subtle shift to more ballroom glam right now…hair is often a sleek updo, or volumized soft waves to go with ballroom gowns or sexier beaded fishtail options. Makeup is all about lashes and lips!  Brides are loving bold lip and defined eyes with fluttery lashes to go with flawless, glowy skin.  It’s timeless and modern at the same time.

Shanna – Love it!  Jennifer, thank you for taking the time to educate us on bridal makeup artistry!

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Jennifer Trotter is the owner and Principal Artist behind the award-winning bridal beauty team Lip Service Makeup.  Jennifer’s work has been featured in BRIDES, The Bridal Guide, D Weddings, Black Bride Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, Green Wedding Shoes, and more.