The year 2020 required the fashion industry to adapt, a lot. The Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week was no different. Due to pandemic guidelines, these fashion shows could not be held for their usual audiences, luckily we were still able to witness the magic through the VBBFW app. By recording the fashion shows and uploading them to the app, viewers had the ability to see these shows as if they’re in the front row! If you’re not in the mood to watch 24 virtual bridal fashion shows, then you’ve come to the right place. I did it for you! The shows were magnificent and innovative, with Antonio Riva showcasing his collection at his own estate. I’ll be sharing with you the themes seen through the week, as well as some of my personal favorites. 

Romantic Styles













No bridal gown is complete without the romance to match it, and designers emphasized this through their designs. The Antonio Riva collection is filled with romantic ball gowns that will make any woman want to run through the garden to their husband. Antonio’s use of pastel colors in this collection have an innocent appeal that is perfect for any spring wedding. The satin fabrics used are soft to the touch and wrap around the body like a second skin, serving a luxury look that will move any groom to tears. 

From The Atelier ‘Fairy Tales’ Collection

For a more detailed romantic look, find your way into The Atelier collection, designed by Professor Jimmy Choo. These ball gowns are covered in intricate details and the bishop sleeves take you back to love stories that existed only in castles. 

Look 25 from the Higar Novias Spring/Summer 2021 Bridal Collection

Taking a more modern route to romance is the Higar Novias collection. If sewn-in flowers and delicate lace don’t scream romance then I don’t know what does. The off-the-shoulder sleeves are intricately designed and allow the face to be highlighted by bare shoulders.  These romantic styles could be found in almost every fashion show, with designers showing you their own personal take. Experience the romance of Antonio Riva, The Atelier, and Higar Novias by visiting their websites. 

Old Hollywood Glamour

‘Red Sun’ from the Pronovias SS2021 Collection

The ‘Jennifer’ from Pronovias SS2021 Collection














Designers took us back in time by introducing vintage styles that will turn any bride into their very own Marilyn Monroe. The Pronovias collection designed by Alessandra Rinaudo took these timeless styles and gave them a modern twist. Low-dipping bodices and sleek skirts take you back to the 1950s style, while detailed shoulders give it just enough modern flare to stand out. 

Look 1 from the House of St Patrick SS2021 Fashion Show

Not a fan of the halter top that Monroe so famously modeled? That’s okay, because House of St. Patrick has a Hepburn look that will flatter any women’s body. The dress is completed with pearl accessories and even opera gloves to guarantee a look that is both classy and timeless.  The sleek shapes of these gowns cinch the waist and allow your body to control the look, letting you live the red carpet dreams only old Hollywood stars could experience. Whether you want to embody your inner Monroe or Hepburn, these classic styles promise a look that all guests will remember. 

Clean & Cool

The ‘Kathryn’ from Pronovias SS2021 Collection

Designers constantly have to compete with themselves and others to create fresh new looks that will rule the runway, but a style that will never go out of fashion is simplicity. Dresses with smooth fabrics, minimal details, and clean lines are always a perfect accessory to accentuate the most important aspect of the wedding, you! 

Look 3 from House of St Patrick SS2021 Fashion Show

Look 4 from House of St Patrick SS2021 Fashion show















House of St. Patrick recognized this by including clean and cool dresses in their show. Whether it’s a ball gown with a stunning décolleté neckline, or a slim fit body-hugging gown with a boat neckline, these dresses promise the bride that they will be all anyone can look at. 

The ‘Ariana’ from Antonio Riva Milano’s SS2021 Collection

A more modern take on these minimally detailed gowns come from Antonio Riva Milano, whose Ariana dress personifies pure elegance. The full skirt is collected at the waist and decorated by a belt with gold lettering that catches the eye, and is completed by fabric that loosely wraps around the shoulders and gorgeously frame the face. Never underestimate the power of simplicity when it comes to bridal gowns, these dresses are perfect to highlight the beautiful faces of all brides. 

Ruling the Runway

From The Atelier SS2021 Collection

While some dresses just scream the look of a princess, the designers brought it this year by giving off the air of a queen. Dramatic details surrounding the shoulders and waist were common this year at bridal fashion week and there is no doubt that these designs were meant for royalty. 

From The Atelier SS2021 Collection

From The Atelier SS2021 Collection














The Atelier show was filled with luxurious designs that looked right out of a Game of Thrones wedding scene (without the drama). The hints of pastel colors to highlight the different layers of the dress are eye-catching and will look stunning in any outdoor venue. Layered skirts with delicate details and jeweled bodices are perfect for the bride who wants to rule the stage. 

From the Nicole Milano SS2021 Collection

The Nicole Milano show did not hold back either, using the same royal styles to create dresses that could only belong in a fairytale. One design includes crystal details surrounding the shoulders, only to fall into sleeves that grace the floor as you walk, creating a cape-like feel. A dress that can only be fit for a queen.

Jump Into Love

From the Pronovias SS2021 Fashion Show

I haven’t been shy about my love for bridal jumpsuits, which you will notice in past blog posts, and the Barcelona Bridal Fashion week seemed to share my love. Almost every show included a couple jumpsuits that needed no help standing out amongst the dresses. The Pronovias show included suit-like designs with elegant floor-length sleeves that needed no help from a skirt to provide flare. 

From the Higar Novias SS2021 Fashion Show

Higar Novias included lace-detailed designs that highlighted the legs while a sheer skirt flowing from the lower back gave it the extra touch that said “yes, the bride is here”. The high volume of jumpsuits seen throughout the week go to show how popular this trend is becoming amongst brides. The modern woman is showcasing herself through these designs and opening a whole new world about what it means to design bridal wear.  By purchasing access to the VBBFW app, you too can have access to the whole week! Do you prefer classic, simple styles, or the luxury details of royalty? Let us know in the comments and stay updated with the blog for our upcoming series on wedding vendors!