Now that we’ve given you some of our favorite wedding vendors, you’re ready to plan the luxury wedding of your dreams! But don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging for the holidays. We interviewed our favorite food and drink vendors to give you the tips and tricks you need to be the highlight at any holiday party! Starting off with the tastiest topic, baking! We talked to Rosilind Coleman, the heart and soul behind The Left Handed Baker, a blog that documents all of Rosilind’s tasty treats! 

Rosilind earned a Bachelors and MBA in Advertising, however her corporate degrees did not stop her culinary passion. She is the founder and Chief Cookie Decorator of The Dough Bar, where she spent 8 years creating “beautifully curated designer sugar cookies.” She now spends the majority of her time introducing high school students to the culinary arts, as well as photographing the delicious creations of her friends and family and now, giving you tasty tips for the holiday season!

Rosilind Coleman

Tis’ the Season to be Hungry

Sweet Potato Cheescake

The holidays bring with its colder weather and shorter days, rich flavors and delicious baked goods that give us a reason to sit around the dinner table for hours. What makes holiday dishes so delectable is the good times and memories they remind us of, which is exactly what you should keep in mind when deciding what to bake. “Heart & Soul, baked goods are definitely something you should be able to taste the cooks heart and soul in. If you are not really interested in making this dish, don’t, because the person will be able to taste it.” With all the flavors in season, it’s the perfect time to experiment with recipes you’ve never tried before, but make sure it’s a recipe you’re excited about. 

The holidays remind the taste buds of rich flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and so much more, and while pumpkin isn’t a flavor Rosilind is passionate about, it’s the unconventional flavors that gets her mouth watering. Her all time favorite is peppermint, she is a self-declared member of Team Peppermint Mocha, but she also loves working cranberries into her holiday dishes. She most enjoys a good pie and cake during this season, it’s a time to spend with loved ones and show them what they mean to you, what better way to do that than to shower them with treats.

Tricks for Treats

Rosilind loves to create from scratch during the holiday season, using her knowledge of what her loved ones prefer to surprise them with a special dish on the table. Not everyone has the time or talent to create luxury holiday dishes, so Rosilind gave us some tricks and tips on how you can delight the taste buds without spending hours covered in flour. For a simple dish for any holiday event, Rosilind strongly suggests Sables, buttery, short cookies that are delicious and easily impress when you take the time to cut them into themed shapes and add coarse crystal sugar on top. You can easily make them extra fancy by mixing in your favorite nuts or fruit. Rosilind can polish off a whole tray with coffee and her favorite mix-ins chopped pecans, or cranberries and orange zest. 

If you already have a classic dish you’re known for, then simply adding a holiday twist will make it fresh and fun for everyone. Rosilind advises to take a look at your seasonings and play around with them. “For example, if I love a good roast chicken. To jazz it up a bit I would add some sage, orange slices and even some herbs de provence when seasoning the bird for roasting. Plate it on a pretty platter with your rosemary sprigs, whole cranberries and citrus halves to play up on the seasonings you used.” 

Savor the Sweet

Sweet Potato Pie

While Rosilind usually prefers savory over sweet, she recognizes that the holidays are a time to enjoy all the sweets that come your way. Her sweet potato pie paired with a big dollop of whipped cream is one of her favorites to savor, as well as an apple cranberry pie that she makes from scratch. And never leave out a great assortment of holiday cookies, getting in all the necessary holiday flavors. 

While this holiday season may be looking different due to the global pandemic, it doesn’t have to taste different. Visit for more tasty tips and try Rosilind’s delectable treats yourself! For more inspiration you can also visit her Instagram @thelefthandedbakertx to get your mouth watering! Stay tuned for more holiday tips on how to make this season a tasty one!