African American bridal designers have played a substantially contributing role at the foreground of the evolution and upheaval of the bridal fashion industry for the past few years. However, many African American bridal designers have failed to receive the acknowledgment that they deserve. When we think about people of color working in the bridal fashion industry, we can hardly name a handful of people. Despite how unyielding it had been for African American bridal designers to make their way in the industry, these African American bridal designers continue to revolutionize and mark their way in bridal fashion with heavenly, and elegantly designed gowns to be worn during wedding parties. 

Jean Ralph Thurin – Best African American Bridal Couture Designer 

African American Bridal Designers You Should Know About_

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Jean Ralph Thurin began making and designing wedding dresses for his clients in the 1990s, while still working for a full-time job. He quickly gained immense recognition and fame amongst potential customers and his reputation as a bridal gown designer expanded to communities far and wide.  Jean’s love for sewing birthed from watching his grandmother sew and was immensely fascinated by watching how two fabrics came together. Despite not being professionally trained during his high-school years, Jean-Ralph made prom dresses for his friends. Step-by-step, his career in fashion started. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design! The clothes designed by Jean Ralph Thurin are for the ones who are looking to wear a dress that is intricate and out of the ordinary. 


Leah Langley-McClean – Best African American Bridal Designer for Exquisite Attire

5 African American Bridal Designers You Should Know About

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Before she began her profession as a bridal designer, Leaf Langley-McClean was an accountant with a passion for fashion. Ms. Langley-McClean would oftentimes design her own dresses when she had a hard time finding dresses that fit her body ratio and hugged her in all the right places. Her passion for bridal dress designing came when she was dancing down the aisle wearing her creation, and realization dawned upon her that this is what she is meant to do for the rest of her life. Leah Langley-McClean is amongst the best African American bridal designers in the country because despite how hard it has been for people of color to attain the recognition they deserve, bridal designers like her work continuously hard to mark their way in this world. Her brand, elleNelle Bridal, is a go-to brand for all the custom brides and they also cater to the needs of their modern high fashion brides who make their own rules. Ms. Lanley-McClean’s aesthetic is sleek, clean, and contemporary. However, elleNelle Bridal is also a very flexible brand that can create a beautiful design for more traditional brides. 

Andrea Pitter of Pantora Bridal – Best African American Bridal Designer for Curvy Women

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Andrea Pitter is the creative director and founder of her exquisite brand, Pantora Bridal. She received a BFA in Fashion Design from PIT for her significant and substantial contributions to the bridal fashion industry. Pitter considers the Pantora brides to be fancy, confident, and feminine. Through her impeccable brand of Pantora, Andrea Pitter aims to offer an opportunity to brides to be celebrated, and enjoy their special moments with their feel-good bridal wear. Andrea Pitter designs her clothes with a black bride in mind with their own unique mesh and lining. Their 7 forgotten skin tones range from deep to buff and can be intricately worn by women of various complexions. Are you looking for a wedding dress that will fit your curves perfectly and make you feel confident on your big day? Then Pantora Bridals is the bridal designer brand for you! 


Lauri Underwood – Best African American Bridal Designer for Chic Dresses

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Lauri Underwood is a Detroit-raised and Chicago-based bridal designer. The mindset of this impeccable designer is that a bride’s dress should be customizable, unique, chic, and a true reflection of her personality. She has also been a Project Runway contestant and is currently implementing innovative ideas towards creating bridal designs that are modern, exquisite, and unique. Working in the wedding and bridal designing industry, Lauri Underwood describes her brand’s style as “Chic, bold and sophisticated.” Lauri Underwood recently launched the Forever Collection of her brand Laury Bride for new bridal looks, which allows the bride to have multiple looks on her big day. The Forever Collection by Lauri Underwood is a must-have for modern brides who prefer a unique style of choice on their big day. The Laury Bride brand defines its success through its happy and satisfied clients. If you’re looking to purchase a modern, and chic dress for your big day, Laury Bride is the perfect brand for you! 

Nneka Alexander – Best African American Bridal Designer for Luxurious Masterpieces 

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Nneka Alexander is an Atlanta-based bridal designer and her brand, Brides by Nona, is best known for its tremendously gorgeous couture gowns. Intricately detailed and creatively produced, the bridal dresses by Nneka Alexander’s brand Brides by Nona are known for their detailed, fresh, and elegant design made with fine fabrics and genuine crystals of Swarovski. Are you looking to wear a purely luxurious and exclusively unique dress on your big day? Brides by Nona is the perfect brand from where you can purchase a dress for your wedding day!