Weddings are an important and exciting part of everyone’s life. Every couple dreams of turning their wedding inspirations into reality, one they’ve been planning for many years prior to the ceremony.  

One of the first and foremost things I do is getting to know the client and the dream wedding they have in mind. Wedding planners start with an initial consultation to know the clients, their love story, and their personality. This is a crucial step because we will be spending many months together.  It is my duty is to create a splendid experience for the couple so they can cherish their beautiful memories for many years to come.

From the beginning till the end, I ensure to address any issues my clients might face. As a wedding planner, I always pay close attention to my client’s feelings, reactions, and stress levels. Eliminating all stress points is amongst the most critical wedding planner job duties for me.

Wedding Planner Tools – How Important Are They Really? 

Remaining organized is my priority. And what keeps me organized amidst the entire wedding ceremony planning and organizing? My tools. 

As a wedding planner, I use not one, but various wedding planner tools. For instance, Pinterest is helpful for new idea inspiration 

Here are some of the tools I use for my weddings:

  • Timeline Genius – This application allows me to create the wedding day timeline digitally. The timeline details times, places, and items that need to be done on the wedding day. It also tracks all vendor information, wedding party information, venue information, and creates a checklist of items to remember on the wedding day. The application allows me to share the timeline with the vendors and venue. I can also send text message reminders to the wedding party, vendors, and venue about upcoming items on the timeline.
  • AllSeated – This application allows me to create a seating chart for wedding guests, create a room diagram with assigned seating, and keep track of guest meal choices.
  • Merri – This application allows me to create a 3D rendering of the ceremony space and reception space décor and floor plan. This allows my couple to have a visual of their wedding day.  When the rendering is approved by the couple, I send a copy to my event set up a team to know how the layout will look.
  • RSVP – This application allows me to track guest RSVPs. The guest will have a link in their invitation that they will use to RSVP to the wedding.  This application allows me to download RSVP information into Excel or PDF form for me to use with some of the applications above.

Wedding Planner Job Duties 

From planning every detail of the day to checking every detail, as a wedding planner, I am practically responsible for every little thing. The title of a ‘wedding planner’ itself holds immense responsibility.  

1. Ensuring Customer Satisfaction  

Throughout the entire ceremony,  I ask myself did I meet my client’s expectations? Had I provided them with the wedding they desired and I promised? And I receive my answer when I see the smiles and excitement in their eyes.

2. Helping with Visual Details 

From the venue’s lighting to the table cloths, I arrange the visual details of a wedding ceremony. I do more than handling coordination and logistics. From selecting color palettes to deciding the perfect decor, and arranging rental with managing the perfect lighting and carrying out the aesthetics and every intricate detail of the wedding is amongst some of my basic duties. With me as a wedding planner on-site, you wouldn’t have to worry about the mic going off during a speech deliverance because I will make sure to check the sound-system twice before the ceremony. 

3. Understanding the Couple’s Vision for their Wedding 

How did they meet? How did they fall in love? What do they want their wedding to look like? What is the ideal wedding they have in mind? To what extent do they need a wedding planner’s help? What do they expect from their wedding planner? What do they want their attire to look like? How many people do they wish to invite? Do they want their wedding to be intimate or grand? Do they plan on arranging an outdoor or an indoor wedding? Is it on an exotic island or in a closed venue? Do they want their wedding to be in the morning, at noon, or in the evening?  

All of these questions are to be discussed between the clients and me. From deciding the time of the ceremony to rehearsing for the big day, as a wedding planner’s job duty, I also arrange extra services for the couple and guests such as food, transportation, and room arrangements. 


Being a wedding planner is so much more than decorations, luxuries, and a wedding planner salary. It is about feelings, love, mutual understanding, and affection. Keeping all things intact in a wedding planner journal and ticking off every task from a wedding planner checklist, as a wedding planner, I am an exceptional multitasker as I possess the ability to handle various tasks at once. 

A wedding is a promise of love between two soulmates. And as a wedding planner, it is truly an honor for me to be a part of such an incredible love story. It is comforting to know that I had played a significant role in highlighting the most beautiful chapter of my client’s love story and union journey, marriage.